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Choosing Daleboot - VFF vs VFF pro ?

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I need to choose what model to get, and am hoping for advice/ experience on the matter. 


I've skied aprox. a week every year the last four years (currently 20 years old). I've made a lot of progress (been skiing with way more experienced skiers) and now regard myself as an intermediate skier. 


However I'm going to Canada for arpox. 5 months this season to skii, where I hopefully will be skiing a lot of powder/ offpist. 


I do put an effort into my skiing and you could therefore say, that I have a fairly aggressive skiing style. 



The bootfitter has adviced me to get the pro, but I'm not sure weather this is the best choice. What are the differences? 


Thank you. 



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Impossible to recommend one over the other without knowing a little more about you, but first I'll ask why either has been recommended over other boots?  Is it because you have a high volume foot, or because you need the adjustability or other features of the boot?



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Thanks for your reply. 


The reason I'm going the Daleboot way is because of wide feet, aprox. 111mm, and slim lower leg. And before going of to Canada for 5 months I want to be sure that I get a boot that just fits, and in this case the Daleboot seems to be the right choice - even though there are not many personel opinions to find on the web, which is partly why I postet this post, to hear about others experiences. 


Anyway, I've basically decided on the pro, and am going to place the order, at Outdoor Traders in the UK, today and hopefully I'll finally end up with a comfortable skii boot. 



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Can only advise that you are about to venture off into what may probably be a huge mistake.  No, the Daleboot may not be a mistake but ordering from a website instead of buying from a good fitter almost certainly will be.  You acknowledge that you have very wide feet and a skinny lower leg which can be a difficult combination and that you have never had comfortable boots before yet are about to venture off into a purchase without a fitter's guarantee and attention.  I'll absolutely recommend against it.


If you are set on Dale's you can probably purchase them in Canada if not let someone advise you on another boot.


I am located in Calgary and Dave who also posts here is located in Banff and there are other good shops around the country.



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if you are seeing James at Outdoor Trader, i am sure he will sort you out, if he suggests the pro go with it, from what i know of the Dale boot the differences are in the flex/ set up of the cuff, the boots are the same base shape prior to being stretched out of all recognition in austria for you

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Glad to hear about good bootfitters in Calgary and Banff. We will be staying in Calgary for a couple of days with pourpose of hopefully finding and buying a descent second hand car before we head of to Revelstoke. 


Regarding the Daleboot, I completely agree with you, not seeing a bootfitter would be unwise. 


Which is why I'm going to travel to England (live in Denmark) late october to have the boots fittet there by James at Outdoor Traders (who seems to be an expert). By placing the order I ment sending of my own measurements and paying for the boots before they are shipped from Austria. Though thank you for your concern. 



Acording to Daleboots webpage, there is only one certified Daleboot dealer in Canada but this is placed far up north. I do find it a bit odd that they do not have anyone in lets say Whistler. 







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