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Bootfitters in Northern Alberta

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    I'm looking to get a first pair of ski boots for the upcoming Northern winter - I've been skiing and teaching in rentals for two seasons now and I want to progress this year so I'm taking the plunge and buying gear. I'm going to be based in Fort Mcmurray over the winter, so I'm not really local to any big ski towns. I'm guessing the nearest fitters to me would be Edmonton, if anyone can recommend a fitter there? I'm a little worried about getting fitted so far from my home hill as if I have boot problems I'm unlikely to be able to make it any farther than Fort Mac town centre in a hurry (And travel costs soon mount up.) I know there's a ski shop in town who can probably punch/grind a pair of boots but I've no idea how good their staff are and whether I'd wind up with frankenboots if I got fittings at multiple stores?


I guess in summary my choices are:


1. Find a fitter in Edmonton and hope they can get a perfect fit in a day


2. Buy local in Fort Mac and hope they can get a perfect fit eventually


Any thoughts, people?

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There is no chance you'll get boots properly fit in Ft. Mac and not much better in Edmonton.  I can say that since I have so many customers that travel from Edmonton for fitting.  In the province are I would say two shops that have a good reputation for fitting.  One is mine, Lou's Skiing Perfofrmance Centre and I post here and the other I don't know the name of but Dave who posts here and works from Banff can advise.



Good luck.



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I've heard good reviews of Sundance in Edmonton, and seen some pretty favourable ratings for Fritz Ski Haus. Anyone have experience dealing with them?


Also Lou (And any other fitters reading) - what's your take on the possibility of a 'one and done' fitting? Like I said, I can travel to get some boots, but I won't be able to visit again if there's a problem. For a typical customer, do you commonly get boots fitted perfectly in one session or does it usually take multiple visits with ski days inbetween?



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Well I'd like to say we get it right always the first time, but for certain what it feels like in the store vs active on the hill can be different.  Certainly after fitting things will always be improved and if you've typically had problems I'll say that any fitter will have you more comfortable than ever before.


What we try to do is leave Saturday's open for fitting while you wait.  It means you show up early Saturday morning and we try to have everything done, including footbeds by 5:00pm.  If you wait until November to come there will probably be the chance to ski your new boots before you leave.



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I have seen some OK things from pace setter in ED as well, but like Lou I have people all over AB and BC come for work.   Why not come down to banff for a weekend ski holiday and deal with the boots then?  

I'm sure it works out for some people on the first time, but not strange to see people a few times to get things perfect.  When you have a smaller, tighter shell fit, it can take some time to dial it in all the way.

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