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Rossi 2012 Avenger 82 TI vs. Basalt

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I've been looking hard at the Rossi Avenger 82 TI since last year and getting close to going for it.  Problem is, Rossi's boilerplate descriptions of the Avenger 82 TI and the Basalt are almost identical.  Internet reviews of both skis haven't helped on this, at least so far.


Me: advanced eastern skier, PSIA LI, getting close to a LII attempt, 100% frontside at Cannon mt, Loon, Waterville, and the like.  I teach on some oldies but goodies Dynastar SkiCross 9s, but for personal skiing I'm gravitating toward a strong carving ski for moderate speed cruising at same venues.


Any ideas/impressions on teasing out the differences between these two skis, aside from Rossi's explanation that the Basalt is lighter without sacrificing dampness?


Price not an issue, as they are only 100. or so apart.


Appreciate any thoughts on this.

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How heavy are you? A lighter finesse skier will prefer the Basalt, a powerful more aggressive skier will prefer the Ti. 

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Now, how about a chunky finesse skier?

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Yeah, Sierra Jim has called himself a finesse skier, and he ain't exactly a feather. OTOH, my wife is the power skier in our family, according to the instructors, and she's 130-ish. Plus (here goes another thread to hell), I was under the impression that metal had nothing to do with stiffness; that's controlled by core construction and cross-sectional area at mid ski, which is thinner the more metal you use, typically. Metal for vibration control, rebound etc. May be wrong about this as with so many other things...th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Phil, I'm 185, an athletic 68, and just recently discovering speed (Go figure).  I can't anymore call myself aggressive in a turny sense, but I do like to arc at reasonable speed.  And I'm skiing, as I said, under classic (there's a word) eastern conditions almost all the time.


In addition to my old Dynastar skicross 9 teaching skis, I've been on Volkl 5 stars; I liked them well enough, but their camber is pretty tired.


I recently got signoff from the Capital Investment Committee (she rolled her eyes, but didn't clearly enunciate the word no) to go for a new toy, so that's what led me ultimately to the Rossis.


I guess my concern is,whether I'd be happy with the edge hold of the Basalt at speed compared with the 82TI.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I tried them both in the 76 and preferred the TI.

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Robin, have you by any chance skied the TI in 82? 


My 5-stars are 68, which have worked fine, but they are 2006 technology.  From what I've read in the mags and from knowledgeable people here, going up to 82 for, say, the Rossi TI, can still deliver good groomer performance.  At the same time, I have wondered a little at going that wide, and based on your comment, maybe I need to take a longer look at the TI in 76.


As you can see, I'm still, as my old boss would say, chasin' my tail on this.

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Hi Joe. My friend has the 76Ti's (Zeniths they are called here and in Europe) which I have skied on. I was also considering buying these last year before I bought the Head Titan's I'm on now instead. The 76 suits down here better as it's prodomently hard surfaced like Eastern USA and was promoted more than the 82 was. So I tried both versions, the 76 Carbon as well which has now been replaced with the basalt instead.

They both felt the same to me stiffness and edge hold wise and really the only differance I noticed was the rebound effect obtained when you really got into them hard. The TI's are more rewarding in that regard and maybe slightly more precise but I wouldn't say overally more stiff to ski than the Carbon version. They are pretty nice frontside skis to ski though, not too demanding but definately require a bit of finesse around weight distribution or can take over later on in the day if you want to just cruise with not much input. The 82's would probably handle mixed snow a bit better though than the 76's would I'd guess as a bonus and if the slightly bigger radius isn't an issue I'd say faster GS style turns on those would still be easy. Go for the TI's in my opinion, you won't lose out on anything, just the initial $100.

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Snala, thanks!


Very helpful data points for me to put into the decision process.  I'm getting close.


The sense I'm getting from all over is that Rossi has a pretty decent set of groomer-oriented stuff on the market and it may ultimately come down to skiing style.



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Just to add a bit more confusion to the mix. Another friend has th the Experiance 83's too. They are softer though and still hold an edge well on groomed but have riser and a bit more width again.

I'd say more of a compromise though as they don't ski the same purist wise on hardpack as the cambered Avengers do.

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Just stumbled across this thread. I'm debating the same buy decision as JoeB.  If you're still out there JoeB I'd like to know what you decided and what your post purchase experience has been. It's late season and there are some good deals on these skiis that I'd like to take advantage of. I'm a 61, 160lb., Level 7-8, eastern skier primarily frontside. Any info will be appreciated. 

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