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head ski boots

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Does anybody know anything about the head edge 10.5 ski boots? OR head boots in general. They are on sale for $200. what are some other recomendations in the 200 to 300 dollar range. Any advice would be great.
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I just got some old L10's for $200 bucks online. Colorado Ski and Golf has another pair for $300. I only use Lange boots, and just scoured for the L10's because I know they fit my foot, if they fit yours, call up ski and golf grab them while you can.
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The Edge 10.5 is a good all mountain boot, but not for people with low volume feet (you'll struggle to touch the sides) and thin calves.

If you like features, this boot has got lots. Two positions flex adjuster, sweat saving Double Power buckles and a moveable instep adaptor (like Salomon's 3D clip). The flex of the boot is a bit sponge-ey but unless your very heavy this will not pose a problem.

Although this boot has a heat fit liner I don't think it's as good as Salomon’s. Last winters model had a small problem with water seepage but this looks to have been sorted for this winter.

All the features in the world can not make the boot fit. Have a good walk around the shop wearing them and perhaps try some others at the same time. And don't forget the custom footbed!
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Just figured I might pump life into an old dead thread.  As I have gotten older, I have noticed that my feet are getting wider.  My calves have always been larger than normal.  I found a pair of these that appear to have been worn about twice on eBay so I figured I've give them a try.

Update: These arrived today and are pretty much new.  They even had a pair of superfeet footbeds already in them.  They fit pretty well but are a bit "squishy" but what the heck.  I'll ski them and demo others until I find something better.  The price was right.
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