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Hello everybody, this is my first epic ski post. I am 19 years old and love to ski I have been skiing my entire life. I am very good and would love to get into the competivitve ski game. But I have no idea where to start. I am at Quinnipiac Univeristy in Hamden, Connectcuit and do not really know what mountatins are in the area. I am willing to drive to Vermont for the purpose of skiing. If there are any contacts or coaches or anybody who can help me I will very much apprcaite it, I am willing to work very hard becasue skiing is my dream and I want to do this for my future.  

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What type of "competitive" skiing are you looking to do? Racing? Freeride? Slopestyle? Moguls? SnoBlade? 

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I am trying to get into racing, I love skiing fast and I have skiied agianst people I have met on my home town mountains in PA ( liberty and whitetail) who said that they have done racing in competitions before and have beat them. For someobody who has never been coached I have been told I have great technique by other skiers.

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