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I Need Help to Find Someone

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Apparently, I don't have enough history to start a new thread to ask my question.

Myself and several others replied to a Gear Swap thread several months ago and the guy that started the Buy and Sell ad, hasn't been heard from since he placed it.

I'd like to ask if anyone knows him,or knows what may have happened to him.

Is there some way that I can start a thread to ask my question ---  or is there some other way to put my questions to the masses??



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If you were able to start a thread here, you should be able to start a thread anywhere. I'm not sure where your best bet would be to place this question -- maybe Gear discussion forum?


Good luck.

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I thought so too, but, no luck starting a new thread anywhere else !

This forum must be exempt from the 15 post minimum to start a thread?

Maybe I'll  just post a few more messages to get the "required" 15.   Dumb !!



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You're right. Blame the spammers for the rule. 

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I'm pretty sure any forum EXCEPT the gear swap allows users with less than 15 posts to start a thread.  The Gear Swap is vulnerable to people signing up on Epicski solely for the purpose of selling gear, and not being part of the community.  Since we generally know nothing about these people, we would rather not give them access to the "trust" that goes with selling.  


You can find any thread you have posted on by going to your home page and looking at your activity.  That can quickly take you back to the thread, or tell you if there has been any new activity (posts) there.  Gear Swap is not a place where threads are started to ask questions.  If you have experienced a loss, we will do our best to help you track down as much information as we can. Otherwise, you should be able to quickly locate a thread, and ask a question in the thread, send a Private Message to the thread starter, or and email if they have allowed email contact by Epicski.

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