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It started after i lost one of my do-it-all K2 Mt. Balkers 174 in a steep chute and never found it. Ran the the local shop the week after and bought a pair of 181 Backlashes w /Fritschis. You know, everyone skis longer skis now...then i found them to ski great but on teh not so nimble end of the spectrum, but def. to be too long for extended touring here in europe, so pulled the trigger this september and got myself a pair of new touring boards w/ fritschis. didn't dare getting the narrower, probybly more euro style backups, so went for waybacks. 


After the GAS rush had settled, I found myself sitting in my room with 2 pairs of seemingly similar skis. Yes, one is shorter and has rocker and no metal. But many things are similar. I can even get away with one pair of clib´mbing skins. 


A quiver could have been backups for spring touring and Coonbacks for pow. 


Some later, i had the idea that my "Quiver" could be a good idea in the end. The skis overlap enough to make picking only one ski for a given trip feasible, yet they are different enough to justify having both. I can go for an AT based week trip with the waybacks and still have something reasonable under foot when it dumps and we stick to resort sidecountry. Other way around, even if i am out for shredding a particular resort w/ the backlash, i can still put skins on and pretend i had decent touring boards. 


what dou you think?