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Myself and ski buds Van and Randy skied with Big Red Cats last January, midweek about mid month. I had been watching their web site on scheduling and choose a Wed that was the least booked.  Phone 1 day out and inquired about standbye possibilities.

Was told to come on up as Wed or Thur were possible standbye days.  Arrived Tue eve about 4 pm and checked in and got standbye rate for all 3 of us.  $250 each vs. $435. 


Next day we boarded the cat and went up to a snowed over parking lot and got checked out on Avalanche transceiver etc. Then took off with a full cat (12) and made 9 runs.  One thing to remember January up here it is dark at about 4:15 so took last run about 3.


Skied what I would consider all intermediate terrain except for 1 run that could be rated advanced.  If you have never skied the trees you may have had a little apprehension at times.  We traversed a lot of trees to get to the downhill runout to the bottom.  The skiing was fun in the glades and trees and the one open sidehill more advanced run was exceptional.


The day was sunshine until about 2pm and then overcast.  The snow was all fresh and the last 24 hr about 16-20 inches of really good snow.  The cat operation, guides, tailgunner etc. were all very professional and friendly.  First class operation.


My only hesitation on the trip was that it seem there was an awful lot of "traversing through the trees" to get to where we would head down the hill.  I didn't ask (should have) but could have been due to snow/avalanche conditions ?





IMG_0785.JPG  This was the more advanced run if you look real close at top mid pic you can see our tracks.  I was 2nd down and it was sweet.


IMG_0797.JPG  This was a fun jaunt thru the trees, down to the road where the cat was.


A great day for me, had a great time.  Van, Randy and I then skied Red the next day and then went over to Whitewater and skied there, freshies every day.  Fun for all.