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Dynafit ZZero 4 C-TF Alpine Touring Boots

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I have wide feet. Are these boots wide or narrow? I have been trying to find the specs on them but have come up empty hands. Has anyone used these boots? Any insight will help.
Thank you
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It is best to try boots on. Are you going to be able to try them on at a shop?

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None of the stores nearby carry it. I can only order it online
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I have the same problem. I want to but Dynafit Titans for my narrow feet but the closest shop is 4 hours away. I think all Dynafits are narrow but you would get a better answer by going to wildsnow.com. Search there for ZZero and ask your question in the comments section at the bottom of the page. A lot of people there have worn that boot. Try asking your question here




It takes a day or 2 before they answer your 1st post. Good luck.



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Thanks a lot. I just posted my question there. Let's see what they say. Good looking out...
Btw, what's your current backcountry ski set up if you don't mind me asking?
I'm only asking because I'm in the process of putting one together and I can use all the feedback I can get. I'm thinking of going K2 Coomback, Dynafit TLT Vertical FT Z12 bindings, and the above mentioned boots. What do you think?
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That is a very good set up. In all of my readings on the internet, and I've read everything for several years, I have never heard anyone say that their setup was terrible in all conditions. The fit of the boot is most important but you can make a small boot bigger and not the other way around.  Dynafits are light and solid but it takes practice to put them on. My only thought is that the Z12 might be more than you need unless you set your DIN to 10 or more.  I have two setups. Manaslu with Dynafit Comfort and Shuksan with Comforts. My boot is Garmont Megaride . My first boot was a Scarpa Laser but it was too wide and big for my foot. The Manaslu is better in powder snow and I bought the Shuksan's because I know the designer, I liked the graphics and they were on sale for $99.  I like them both on any snow but I do not ask much from a ski except to get me up and down the mountain. If I was a better skier who liked to go fast and steep it might be different.

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I have the Dynafit TLT5 Mountains (and ski them with Manaslus and Verticals and 7-Summits and Verticals); they are great; only drawback is their shortness accentuates the locked in forward lean; they climb so much better than any other boot it is unblievable.


I have the Dynafit Zzero-4 PU and like the way they flex (progressively) on steep downs better than the TLT5s or my Dynafit Zzero 3 Pbax.  I don't use the 3s much because they don't offer the lightness of the 5s and mine have MF liners whereas I have custom foot beds and thermofit liners for the 4s.  I vacillated between the 3s and 4s (I like having a few buckles as possible) until I got the 5s; I skied 110 days on the 5s and 5 days on the 4s last winter.


I bought Dynafit Zzeus for lift skiing with my 191 Mantras this year.


PU vs. Carbon.  Carbon is slightly lighter but stiffer; so what do you want: stiffness or nice flex?


I see no reason for the FTs unless you are set on DINs above 8; all my bindings are set at 7.


I wear size US11/MP29 and my foot is a slightly wide D type foot and I fit all the above well.

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