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I was hoping to get some advice on a new pair of skis.  I'm 39, a level 7.5 skier, 6'3'' and 210.  I'm in pretty decent shape and put in about 30 days a year on all kinds of terrain in Colorado (mostly Winter Park and Copper).  I've been skiing on a pair of 170 Tornados for about 3 years.  They have been a great pair of skis but are showing their age and was looking for a new pair.  Initially I had been considering a pair of Nordica Jet Fuels.  In checking them out I come of note they are heavy as hell and found myself leaning to the suggestion of the guy at Christy sports to something different and lighter.  He suggested either a Rossignol S3 or a Salomon Sentinel.  I'm a little nervous going to a completely different style of ski but I spent most of my time on ungroomed terrain and would love something quick, nimble, and that hopefully won't leave me completely fried by the end of that day.