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K2 Aftershocks

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I got a smoking deal on a new pair of K2 Aftershocks and need advice on what bindings to put on them...What bindings should I consider and why?  Am I going to have any issues with not having the integrated bindings??  Thanks in advance for your responses.



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Hi Corey!  Welcome to EpicSki.


I did not ski the after shock this year, but I doubt that you'll be disappointed in the performance of the "flat" version.  


Binding suggestions can be wide spread, from Salomon, Marker, Look, etc.......

But first, we will need to know your size, ability and what kind of terrain you like to ski.



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I am 6 foot1, weigh 230....I would call myself a solid intermediate.  Last year was my first season and I rapidly advanced.  At the end of the year i was very comfortably skiing all blues, blue moguls, some powder, and was beginning to jump into black mogul runs and trees.  My hope is I advance the same way this year.  I tend to charge hard and love going fast.  I intend to continue to progress in the bumps and do a ton of tree skiing..fell in love with the trees!  Thanks in advance for your advice.



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I take it you are looking at Aftershocks that come "flat"/ w/o the integrated binding? If so, most any 12-14 DIN binding will work for you. See what the shop, where you are looking at the skis, has to offer you. Any of the bindings above will suit you fine and will work. The MX12 or MX14 integrated system will still be a good choice IF the skis come with them too. I assume you are looking at the Aftershock in the 181?

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