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Reheating an Intuition liner

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Last year I bought an Intuition liner which ended up being a disaster. It never felt right. The salesman told me to keep wearing them and that they would start to feel better. Three ski trips later and I was in such discomfort that I ended up renting boots instead. I was going to trash my boots and the liner and buy new ones but now I'm thinking that maybe I can give the Intuitions one more chance. Is reheating the liner something I can do at home?

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What about the liners didn't feel 'right'?


The liners can be reheated, it can be done at home if you are reasonably good at following simple directions, but you can also do more harm than good if you don't get it right. There is an excellent tutorial at TGR for home cooking liners. Before you fire up the oven why not supply a little more information about the problems, it would helpful in advising if the liner was molded wrong or if, perhaps, they just aren't the best option for you.


Were they molded with or without toe caps?

Is the liner too tight and stiff or too loose?

How did the boot fit prior to the Intuition liner?

What constitutes "three ski trips"? 3 weeks, 3 weekends or 3 days?

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and did the boots "feel right" before the intutions where added?

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The first thing I should probably tell you is that my boot is a half size bigger than what I have currently been shown is my size. And unfortunately its between shell sizes. I probably bought them wearing thicker socks than I use today.


The boots are Salomon X-Wave 10 (110 flex). They used to fit me pretty good. I was having to buckle down more and more throughout the day.

The Intuition liners were fitted with a toe cap and a nylon sock.

The main pain is from the lower part of the shin and my ankles.

There is a gap at the top of the shin unless I really crank down on the top buckle and power strap. The power strap has seen its better days. The Velcro is getting kind of weak.

I skied in these liners for about 10 days before giving up. I've tried buckling up with all kinds of different pressure but I could never find a really comfortable setting.


Hope this gives you enough background.

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and the pain is the same with the stock liner, or the intuition?



1/2 sizes dont exist.  a 28.0 and 28.5 is the same shelll and the liners just stretch to this shape.

can you shell fit your boots for us?  (how much room behind your heel and the shell of the boot, with your toes just touching the front?

odds are you need the next shell size down,


does the pain go away with the buckles looser?  and can you ski the boots like that?


again, odds are your boots are just too big, and the pain is from over tightening the buckles.   Remoulding the liner will not help this.

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That's what I meant. I'm being sized at one shell size smaller. The fit feels like either too loose and my foot slides around or tighter and I start to get sore shins and ankles. The space in the empty shell is 1". Too much? Would it be stupid to go back to thicker socks?

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1" = 25mm = 1 or 2 sizes too big.   5-15mm is a good range for fit.


thicker socks will NOT help.  get a shell that fits, and then add intuition liners if you need to.  int liners can help with a lot of problems, but this isn't one of them.  Sorry, but your boot shells need to be smaller first

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Do you think the ski shop that sold them to me should have noticed that? Is it reasonable for me to ask for a refund after skiing (and suffering) on them for a whole season?

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ask the store:    if they tried to sell you the smaller pair, and you talked yourself/them into the bigger pair, then everyone is to blame?


hard to say,  some stores/skiers dont talk/listen that well to each other, so selling the customer what they think they want might be the right answer, then fighting with them over who knows best.

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I'm going to give them a call. When I bought the liner I really just went in for advice about having to constantly be buckling down my boots. He suggested I get the Intuition liner. Truth was, I was initially interested in trying on new boots. When he suggested I try the liner instead I figured he must be honest since he was pushing me to a cheaper solution.


Definitely going to buy new boots this year. icon14.gif

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Realize the Intuition liner is not a good option for filling voids in a shell that is too volumous.  These liners only compress where the pressure points are when heated, they do not expand to fill voids.  Also, over tightening the Intuitions will lead to overall pain because unlike your stock liners the Ultralon foam is "closed" cell and pushes back when it is compressed rather than allowing the air to be pushed out where the pressure is exerted.


Sounds like the combo of a larger volume shell for your foot and the Intuition are not an ideal marriage.

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It sounds to me, like Bud, that perhaps the boot you have is too large and you will need to start over with a smaller (perhaps volume and length) shell in order to be completely satisfied.  If that is not an option try the Zipfit pullover as it is the best way to fill space I have found but it stills runs a distant second to replacing the boot.





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What you said makes a lot of sense to me. There's a local tent sale near me this weekend. Maybe I can pick up a good deal on last years boots. I don't see much difference between this year and last year's models.


Thanks for the advice.

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