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Liberty Helix

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 I like the idea of buying from a smaller local company; but how do these puppies ski? Anyone have  feedback on any of Liberty's stuff----

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I have a pair and they ski great. They are lightweight, snappy skis for the width and do well in both hard and soft snow. There are plenty of reviews of the ski here and at TGR. A lot of people use them for touring because of their relative light weight.

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Thanks thats helpful. I am curious, how much rattle do you get out of the tips in crud and are they stable at speed? I am trying to sell myself on the helix---if not I will be jumping the  Blizzard flipcore bandwagon. I have a touring set-up already and need to replace my old beat up mantra's ---

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They are pretty stable at speed.  They are lightweight and don't have a damp feel to them like the Mantras, but they are stiff enough not to deflect.  I haven't had any rattling tips.  I tour with them and have had them both east and west and feel like they're a very good all around ski for practically every condition except for really deep snow -- for that, the 105 waist is a little narrow.

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 Right on man appreciate the info, super helpful. There is a bit of snow starting to dust up above 12,000 here in summit cnty, co. I am ready for a long season-------------------------bam

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