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tuning early rise skiis

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I have a new pair of early rise skis(Rossi Experience 83) for all mountain skiing.

I normally tune to 3 degree edge and 1 degree base. I then add another .5 degree base bevel for about 100 mm at tip and tail and keep a full length sharp edge. This makes for a well mannered high performing ski.

It seems to me that the early rise may give the same effect with no need to increase the base bevel.

I am interested to find other peoples experiences with the tune of early rise skis, as once the bevel is done you waste an awfull lot of ski undoing it..


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you have answered your own question. since the progression works better if you try less base bevel first, i would ski the ski with 1 base/3 side and judge the effect of the early rise for yourself


in our shop we would set the rossi experience base bevel at 1 the side at 2 and leave the ski sharp to the contact points. most of the test skis that we skied last spring were set up with a 1/2 and they skied brilliantly.



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Thanks Jim

I thought I probably had, but just wanted reassurance that my logic was correct. 

We have just had piles of new snow, so looking forward to some great spring skiing.   

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