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binding selection

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I have recently come by a brand new pair of Rossingol B3 Bandit skis 150cm - 120/81/110 and need to get some bindings. I have never purchased or even given much consideration to them before. I am 158cm short and weigh 80kg on a good day. My short legs give me a low centre of gravity which generally makes womens skis more suitable for me so I guess I will be looking for womens bindings. I an intermediate skier and love virgin corduroy, a little off piste when the powder comes. I am not an aggressive skier. Any suggestions?

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150cm skis are going to be very short for an 80kg (176 lbs) skier, even intermediate.


You don't need to put "women's bindings" on women's skis.  There's really no such thing.


All else being equal, if you decide to keep the skis (I wouldn't), and if you purchased the skis new at retail, so that they're still covered by warranty, you should probably consider mounting Rossignol (also branded Look or Roxy) bindings to increase the warranty period.  I would suggest bindings with a high DIN of 10-12 (I assume that your DIN is probably about 6-7), such as either the PX/Axial2 or NX/Axium series.  (You can see both here.)

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Thanks TheDad that is useful info, much appreciated. You are not keen on these skis, is that due to the short length or are they an unsuitable ski.

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Firstly21...I'm guessing some reticence about ski is 1) length (probably too short for your weight) and 2) age of ski.  They may be "new", but Rossignol hasn't made Bandit B3's for at least 5 years....and a lot of design and improvement has gone under the bridge since then.  Plainly put: they are not really current technology -- and some people might argue they weren't even current technology five years ago.


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What tch said. More a question of length, although I never really liked the feel of the B series.

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