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Preskiing condition program for me?

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I have no meniscus in my right knee and had a cadaveric bone graft to repair an osteonecrotic talus in my left ankle. I cannot run, do many squats, or jump. Any ideas for a program for me? I bike and do yoga for exercise year 'round....

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Someone much more knowledgeable than me will chime in soon, but are my $.02:


Can you lunge without pain? Lunges are a bit gentler on the knees than squats and work many of the same lower-body muscles. I was lunging before I started squatting, and the strength developed with lunges transferred to squatting well, so you may find them to be a good replacement.


Also, I am a big believer if deadlifts...just make sure you do them right to avoid strains (there are a lot of good resources online). They go a great job of stabilizing the back and hips for skiing, and also work the hammies. Knee bending in deadlifts is minimal compared to full squats. 


Finally, if you have access to them, xeridiscs are great for skiing. Just standing on one foot on a xeridisc for about a minute will work all those little balance muscles a lot more than you think, and will generally improve your ability to control your feet and balance on the slopes. No knee strain involved there. And keep biking! Biking is good. 

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