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boot fitting issues post-broken leg

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Got a question for the boot guys:


I broke my right leg at the beginning of last season, a spiral fracture.  The leg has pretty much healed, but the two places on my shin where there was bone displacement (about 5 inches up from the ankle and 6 inches below the knee) have some bone edges that protrude.  It used to be much more jagged but as new bone has built up they've rounded off somewhat.


As I said, the leg has pretty much healed and my orthopedic surgeon has given me the green light to do whatever physical activity I feel I can handle.  So, I tried my boots on. I have Full Tilt Konflicts, love them.  They fit like a glove.  Well, the left boot still does, the right boot hurts where the break zone were.


Any experience with this?  I figure I've got a few choices:


  • Do nothing, let the Intuition liners eventually mold to the new shape of my leg as I use them a few time.
  • Heat them up again and remold them, to minimize the pain of waiting for the first suggestion to work.
  • Have some custom work done on the tongue to allow for a little more room at those zones.


Feedback?  Suggestions?  I'm going to ski this year no matter what, I'd prefer that it not hurt like hell.





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if you want to have an enjoyable first season back on snow, see an experienced boot fitter.


when dealing with pain associated with a broken tibia or fibula, modifications to either the liner or the shell are a common path to take.


the key is redistributing pressure on the lower leg, by what ever means it takes. there is no guide book or specific course of action that i can recommend over the internet.


a good boot fitter ( with experience dealing with modifications for injury ) will be able to figure out what you will need for comfort so you can get back on snow, and functionality so you can still lever the ski as well or better than before your injury.


good luck,







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Thanks Jim.  Yes, as a matter of fact I do want to have an enjoyable season back on snow.   I think I will pay a visit to the shop in Seattle (Pro Ski) where I bought them; they did some shell modifications when I bought them as well as heated and fit the liners.  I think I'd rather not suffer with pain if I can avoid it.  I was truly surprised at the increased pressure on the break zones and I still had my buckles on as loose as possible.


If I make it to the Gathering at Tahoe, I'll stop by and say hello.





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You'd be surprised how well an experienced bootfitter will size up the situation.  I see lots of post injury fits.  It is possible to take an Eliminator Pad and excavate a little around the touchy spots (on the Eliminator- NOT your leg biggrin.gif).  There's a few ways to do it, you guy should be able to figure it out.


One thing I deal with frequently- maybe the most frequent- is protruding screw heads.  Ouch!


Caveat: With most post injury situations, I'd be prepared to get the initial fit tweaked.  It may be difficult to foresee how the pressure points will feel on the hill.


Welcome back to the skis!

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