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Black Crows Skis

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Anyone familiar with these skis? When I say familiar, I mean, has anyone skied them? fondled them/ flexed them? The company has approached WPS, and I'd like to hear your thoughts about these sticks. My goal is to see whether there is a strong market demand in the western USA for them.

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I've fondled them in France but haven't been able to try them (limited distribution and demos, even in France). I have been interested in them for awhile since they have a large and devoted following in Cham. Some of the models are so burly and long that only TGR types would probably be interested. The rest of their line is a little strange in terms of approach and it is hard for me to imagine a one-ski quiver type getting hooked on any individual model. So I guess I am saying it would be hard to imagine mass demand for this brand. That said, if you carried them, I would definitely buy a pair of Noctas from you!

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