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Volkl Kendo VS K2 Extreme

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I am looking for a ski that will work decently in most conditions in Ontario and Quebec. I prefer the glades and bumps but I get bored easily around here so I switch the types of runs quite often during the day. I dont really feel like switching skis all the time. I have the icy days and powder days covered with dedicated skis. I had my heart set on Volkl  Kendo, but while reading reviews about them the K2 Extreme were mentioned a few times.


From my understanding the K2 Extreme are very similar to the Kendos. However the K2s, apparently perform better on moguls. Considering that and the fact that I can get a wicked deal on the K2s I am inclined to go with them. Is there anything else I should be aware of regarding the characteristics of these skis?

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Do they even make the K2 Extreme anymore?




Looks like the Sideshow is the closest thing they have to the Kendo.

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I love my Extremes in the bumps and glades (in upstate New York).  Hold on ice is quite acceptable.  Never skied the Kendo, but I think the Mantras are stiffer than the Extremes.  Shovel on the Extreme is relatively narrow (118), Kendo's shovel is probably a bit wider, which might make for better float.  I also suspect that the Kendos are lighter than the Extremes. 



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I have been trying to find some numbers for their weight but I couldn't find anything. Any idea what the weight difference is? Would there be a significant difference in how flickable they are?

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I was going to pull the trigger on the K2 extremes, but I stumbled over a pair of used K2 extreme for dirt cheap. Problem is they are 170cm. I was going to get the 179cm considering I weight 150. So now I am considering buying both the K2s and the Kendos. Would the 170 K2s be good for tight glades or are they going to useless for me due to their size? Then I can get the Kendos at 184cm for more open runs.

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PEs still available (same as the Extremes)

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