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F-1 2011?

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Between moving my car shop and building a cabin on Mt Ashland I haven't been around.

Where'd all the F-1 fans go?

Even though Vettle has dominated it hasn't been boring. (has it?)

Not much to cheer an old Tifosi though.

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Kind of a yawner at the front but some interesting racing in the pack.

Not a good day for the Red cars.

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You know if the fIA could figure out how to do restarts that could have been a race. I was thinking about this after the race - the lapped cars have absolutely no incentive to try and race the cars that are in front of them and on the lead lap. That's why Button lost so much time to Vettel before they even crossed the line. If you are the first of the lapped cars, you only care about getting a jump on the car behind you and you don't care what happens ahead. I don't understand why they can't move the lapped cars to the back. Also, I feel bad for Lewis. He probably should have been on the front row. Too bad about his incident with Massa. Close racing a small mistake and he's back in 20th place. Nice drive to bring it back to 5th. What I don't understand though is how he ended up getting to the pit so long after Massa considering that Massa had a puncture. Did the crash happen near pit-in, and LH did an extra lap?

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It would be good to get the lapped cars out of the way so the leaders could race. I'm not sure Jensen had anything for Seb though.

I've never been a Button fan but the guy has been doing a great job this year. Somehow I just don't connect.

It looked to me like Lewis was hoping he could get away without stopping right away. He certainly should have been able to pass Massa with that shredded tire. Lewis has been guilty of a lot of rough driving this year. It feels to me like a bit of arrogance.

I feel bad for Fillipe, he's never quite made it back from his injury. I'm not sure how long he'll have that seat. Too bad, I'd rather cheer for him than Fernando.  

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I'm with you about Felipe. I like him much better than Alonso, but I don't think he's come back from his injury, and there are probably 23 drivers that could make better use of that car.


I thought that the Lewis Felipe incident was some of the gentlest rough driving we have seen from Lewis this year. They both could have come out of that unscathed. Unfortunately, they didn't. As for Button, he has really been growing on me. I don't think he could have dealt with Seb, but then on the other hand, if he had been within 1 sec., DRS could have let him stay with Seb and keep the pressure on him. With Button being so good on tires, maybe he would have had a chance to do something. Button should definitely have been able to win Monaco, but was screwed when they allowed them to change tires during the red flag period.

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PS - The McLaren is going to be fast over these closing races.


Also, I'm hoping we get to see Raikkonen in the Williams next year. And Hulkenburg with a real ride next season. I can't believe he's been sitting on the sidelines.

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Oooo - mre dirty tactics from the red team.

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Korea qualifying. Red Bull on supersfts in Q1? 

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The battle for 2nd was pretty amazing today. Lap 35 was just WOW.

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Word is Rosberg has visited Maranello. Good riddance to Massa, hopefully they buy out his contract for next year.

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Hmmm.... I'd rather see Hulkenburg in that car, but whatever. Rosberg is a great driver too. Maybe the Hulkster will get his M-B.

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Nice race in Abu Dhabi yesterday. Too bad we didn't get to see Lewis and Seb fight for the win, but I'm happy to have Lewis take the win anyway. Great drive from Button to take third with a wonky KERS system (apparently his brake bias was changing corner to corner with no warning). Good fight among the rest for the table scraps. Looks like Sauber moved ahead of Toro Rosso. Sad sad times for Williams. Hopefully the move to Renault next year can get them back at least to mid-field. Williams should be at least where Force India and Mercedes are. Speaking of Mercedes, I was thinking yesterday about how people thought that J.B. was nuts to move on from Brawn to McLaren. I guess we know who was the smart one now, don't we?

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