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Traveling to Aspen

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Hi fellow skiers, I'm planning a trip to Aspen in Jan. I will be flying out of Philly or Newark NJ. What airport would they being flying into in CO? I don't want to have to drive or travel more that 1.5 hours to get to the town.





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Believe with that travel desire the airport that is closest is the Aspen town/County airport right outside of town.  At least once several years ago i found i could fly from Aspen to Denver to DC and back to Denver for 50 bucks cheaper than just flying in and out of Denver -- no idea why.  Believe most flights in and out of Aspen will go to Denver and terminate.

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ASE is 3 miles from town, but you will have to connect in either Denver or Chicago.




You could get a direct from Newark into EGE, which is 75 miles or 1:15 driving time.

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I'm going to Aspen in April from BHM. We are planning to fly into Pitkin county which is 3 miles from town. Stopping in Denver is only $100 cheaper per person and the extra 3.5-4 hours drive in good weather, cost of a rental car/shuttle/gas, and the possibility of I-70 being in bad shape made flying straight into Aspen the logical choice for us. Flying right into Aspen also trumped flying into Eagle county/Vail.   

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Aspen. As long as the weather doesn't screw you up it is a piece of cake. From Philly you can either fly through Denver or Chicago I believe. At least a couple of the hotels in Snowmass have free shuttles too. U won't need a car when you're there. That Newark-Eagle flight was pretty expensive last year when I looked into it, and then you still have to drive or take a shuttle service to Aspen.

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Oh wow thanks people

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Fly United to Aspen (ASE) and try to stay near the Gondola at Ajax. From there you can walk to the lifts and all the shops, restaurants etc.. If you want to try Snowmass or Highlands they have free bus service.

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another vote for united.  flying from buffalo to ASE with just one connection in Chicago. I like staying slopeside in snowmass.


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On top of that, if you fly United and they ruin your skis you get a voucher for a new set of nearly any skis you want (at least that's the way they used to do it). I used to joke that I was going to fly United ALL THE TIME with a pair of old skis in hopes of scoring a new set. Ahh, the law of averages (and a minor form of insurance fraud?). Don't worry, I never actually did that, though.

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My friends and I skiied Aspen last year - we're all from the Phila area.


We flew into Grand Junction and drove back east, around a 75 minute scenic putt, consider that if fares are better to there. The Eagle airport in Vail is around an hour drive if that's the better fare deal.


Did the drive from Denver several years back, a 4 hour white knuckle adventure down I70, tired, icy patches and in a hurry. Bad decision.


Try to hit the Glenwood springs while you're there, great place.

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New this season--Also consider American.   American Eagle flys to ASE (aspen) from LAX and DFW.  I know--will be on the first flight this season December.  I agree, driving from Denver as compared to flying into Aspen on the microwave flight path in bad weather, I'd take the flight.    Aspen is a scary airport at times, but not as scary as dealing with people who don't know how to drive in ice and snow.

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I'm happy to see American adding some directs into ASE.  Frontier also does a very good job, but you have to connect in DEN.


Competition is good!

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Originally Posted by DSloanView Post

On top of that, if you fly United and they ruin your skis you get a voucher for a new set of nearly any skis you want (at least that's the way they used to do it).  

They should have done that for Dave Carroll.


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