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2012 K2 Sidestash?

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Anyone have any feedback on the '12 Sidestash?  Per K2, they lengthened the tip rocker from the '11 to make it more surfy/maneuverable, but I haven't been able to find any 1st hand reviews of it let alone comparisons to the '11s.  Thanks in advance.

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As popular as the K2 Sidestash was last year, I'm surprised that you haven't gotten a response from this yet.  

Hope this bump helps your question get some visibility.



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I'm surprised as well.  It was also highly rated last year by the various ski mags but I haven't seen a single mention of the '12 model anywhere this year.  I wonder if either they didn't have the new model ready for the various test days and reviews at the end of last season or if K2 simply decided not to submit it because it was already successful, choosing to focus their marketing instead on the entirely new models. 



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