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Atomic betacarv 9.20; need advice on tuning

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Hi guys,


I have a pair of 2nd hand Atomic betacarv 9.20 ski's and I'd like to do the maintenance myself. I'm new to ski-tuning, so I have to purchase a couple of things. Last week I asked Atomic about the manufactured base & side angles, just to be sure that they're 1,3. But they sent me a copy of a fax that recommends to use 1,2-2.5. So 1 deg. base and 2 - 2.5 deg. side edge. Now I'm a bit puzzled about what side guide to purchase. I don't want to change the side edges angles, but I'm not sure what exact angle they currently have.


Is it ok to purchase a 2deg side edge guide? I prefer to buy a fixed angled guide after having read http://www.skituning101.com/2008/11/introduction.html carefully.


Also I'd like to buy two diamond stones (coarse and medium grit) and perhaps a base beveler. But should I also need a file then?


I'm not a racer or very experienced skier. So a 2 degrees side edge is fine with me.


Any advice is appreciated! Thanks,


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couple things. tuning the Beta series skis is a little different because the base is ground concave at the factory, not flat. some people, mostly who work at a shop and have access to the base grinder, grind the bases flat, fwiw.


to see where you are currently with the side bevel, coat the side of the edge with red magic marker. when you take off material with a particular edge guide, you will take off the red evenly or more high or low, and can deduce how they were sharpened previously.


tool or rock hardened metal will ruin a file, so the diamond there. once rock hardened burrs are removed, the file is useful.

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Stay with 1 and 3.  


A base beveler will only be useful at this point to do a magic-marker type check of the base bevel like davluri describes for the side bevel.   Leave that off for now and just work on the sides.


If you are only working with diamonds (no file) you will also eventually want a sidewall remover aka skyver type tool.    


Having a file lets you leave a skyver purchase off longer and also lets you make edge angles correct much faster than with diamonds alone.




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Thank you both!


So I'll stay with the 1 and 3 degrees. After all, I don't know my current side edge angle and going from 2 to 3 degrees sounds doable while the other way around could be a problem. If I'm lucky the angle is already at 3 degrees. Still it's a bit strange that Atomic recommends a 2-2.5deg side edge; quote:


"The ski should be kept in its original condition for as long as possible. If the edge has become dull, it should only be polished laterally (recommended value side bevel 2-2,5°)"


I'll just forget that. So for the moment this will be on my shopping list:

- 87deg side edge guide

- 200 and 400 grit diamond stones

- gummi stone


If needed I'll also get a file and skyver.


@Davluri, my head and tail base sections are indeed a bit concave. The middle section is flat or a even bit convex at some places. Will this be problematic when using the side edge guide?


Thanks again,




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Thanks guys for your advice!


I wanted to do it right and bought a Ski Man sidewall remover (Jibtuning, uk) and a 3 deg Ski Man side edge guide, aluminum stone, icecut bastard file, 3 different Swix diamond stones (combi) and a gummi stone (all from Racewax, us).


The initial edges were nothing near 3 degrees. Therefore I had to remove a lot of material with the bastard file first after having cleared the edge with the skyver. But it went very well. You can clearly see when enough has been removed; the file leaves a matte finish. After that the diamond stones made the edge perfectly sharp. I now have a 200, 400 and 600 grit stone. Probably over time I'll purchase a finer grit to get that mirror shine.


I can't wait to test these ski's out because "the proof is in the pudding" haha. (heard this variant couple of times and it's so funny :-)



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hey, Martin. nice tools. they should serve you well for your whole skiing life. when you buy your next skis, likely with a flat base tip to tail, you will really enjoy working on them. the Beta's just require more fussing about.

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