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What's up guys? i need some expert ski knowledge here.

I am so close to buying the '11 Volkl Kendos but not sure which size to buy them in

I am an intermediate to advanced skier, 6 feet tall and 210 pounds

i often ski on  groomed trails but i like to  ski on some  fresh snow from time to time

I was convinced on buying the 177 cm but they are out of stock now and only have the 170 cm.

Should I go for the 170 cm? or should I go for another ski completely?

your opinions and thoughts are greatly welcomed


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I'm just shy of 5' 11" and 165 pounds.  I have the 177 Kendo and I'm really glad they're not 170.  Take that for what it's worth.  I wouldn't settle for the 170's just because they're available.

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MTL, I'm just a bit taller than you, same weight, and my old 170's were too short.  I moved up to longer this year.  


Deals come and go, more will come along.  If you're spending the cash, spend it on something you want and need.  Don't settle.


As for buying something other than the Kendos, more info is needed to determine that.  Where do you ski?  What type of skiing style do you like?  Hard for people to evaluate if it's a good choice if there's not much to go on.

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 I ski out east, mostly in Quebec,Canada.. Ive been skiing for 10 years now and I consider myself an advanced skier. I want a well rounded,all mountain ski that i can use on a daily basis. Skiing conditions will be most often powder and groomed trails maybe some trees but no park or jumps. I was looking at the Line Prophet Flite 179cm..after some discussion with some mates i decided im gonna go taller since i'm more of a downhill skier. Let me knw what you guys think about my choice of ski and any suggestion is welcomed.

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