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I have a question about my new jacket.  I purchased a skiing down jacket from Spyder.  I have not worn down before so I do not know what to expect.  It has a 700 down count and a breathable, waterproof shell.


At what temperature can I expect 700 to keep me warm?  I know everyone is different, but a ball park would be nice.  There is not much room underneath for a fleece so I am concerned that I may be cold.


I also purchased a un-insulated shell and a thin jacket with the reflected heat technology to go underneath.  Again, they fit me exactly with no room for an extra fleece layer. 


I plan on wearing the down during the coldest months and the shell/jacket combo during the warmer times.


Any thoughts? 

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Is your shell the Columbia omni-heat shell? I picked up one of those last year and it was good from 30 all the way to -40 in vail on new years. I put one layer of under armor and a thermal underneath when it got that cold and I was fine. *disclaimer I'm quite warm-blooded. 

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The fill count of down has very little to do directly with warmth.  The effective thickness of insulation is what determines warmth.  All other factors being equal (construction, etc.) 1 inch thick of 550 fill down will keep you as warm as 1 inch thick of 850 fill down...or 1 inch of polarguard or any reasonably effective insulation.  It just takes less of 800 fill down to make an inch thickness than it does of 600 fill down, and higher fill down is lighter and drapes better around the body (all other things being equal).  


So, if you were to post the model of jacket that you have, people could probably venture an answer to your question.  But you should know that what you wear underneath is just as important, as well as what you have on your lower body (pants + insulation), and head and feet and hands...  And wind and humidity and what you had for dinner and breakfast.  See where this is going?   


I worked in a shop, and I always hated the "What temperature is this jacket good to?" questions.  IMO, LL Bean and others who publish temperature ratings for coats are full of crap.  

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yes, the inner jacket to the shell is Columbia Onmi-heat.  Good to know that it is really warm.  I can fit the inner jacket under my down if I'm extra chilly.

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Thanks for the info.  Here is the information listed for my down jacket.  I haven't found anything about thickness.




A skiable goose down jacket, with the Women's Siren Skiable Down Down Jacket from Spyder you'll be incredibly warm due to the high warmth-to-weight, quality 700 fill power goose down insulation. However, you won't overheat thanks to breathable fabrication. Its slim silhouette makes it hard to believe it's a puffy down jacket.


  • Fabric: shell - 360-Stretch twill, twill, nylon-polyester dobby with XT.L laminate and Spylon
  • DWR; lining - downproof polyester taffeta
  • Insulation: 700-Fill down
  • Waterproof/Breathable Rating: 10K / 10,000g
  • Critical Seams Taped
  • Internal powder skirt with custom snaps and gripper elastic
  • Removable heavy weather hood
  • Internal drawcord at hem
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Engineered Stretch Interior
  • Brushed Microfiber Inner Collar
  • Internal Zipper Pocket
  • Internal Mesh Goggle Pocket
  • Internal Cell Phone Pocket
  • External Data Card Pocket
  • Custom Chamois Lens Wipe
  • Key Holder Clasp in Pocket
  • Velcro Adjustable Cuff with Gusset
  • Spyder Logo Embossed Velcro
  • Custom Spyder Logos, Hardware and Zipper Pulls
  • Center Back: 25in (63.5cm
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