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1st all-mountain ski recs for a woman

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I've been skiing since I was 7 (am 25 now), but have always used rental gear. After hitting the slopes about 7 weekends last year, finally decided it was worth investing in some good gear of my own.  I'm looking to buy my first pair of skis (can only afford one ski quiver), and would love some advice on all-mountain skis that can handle on and off piste. I've found some great looking deals on powder7.com on last year's models or demo skis, and would like to take advantage of that while we're still in the preseason.  I also just bought my first set of boots from the amazing guys at California Ski Company, and am really looking forward to hitting the mountain this year.


Some stats: I'm 5'9", 160lbs, and ski in the West (Tahoe mostly, planning a trip to Colorado as well this season)

On the 9-point scale, I'm about a 7. Very comfortable on groomed runs and can ski all blues, and some blacks. Love getting off-piste and skiing in powder. For reference, I'm comfortable skiing almost every run on the front and backside of Northstar. Iffy on blacks with big moguls, but would like to improve. 


I've started doing some research, and have narrowed it down to a few models. I'd love some feedback on my choices, or suggestions for ones I haven't looked at.  I'd also recommend suggestions for good-value bindings to go with any of these models.

  • Fischer Watea 84 - 167cm length
  • Dynastar Exclusive Legend Eden - 165cm length
  • Dynastar Sultan 85 - 165cm length



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Welcome!  You're on the right track with your ski selections, however, I'd seriously consider demo'ing before buying, especially since you have quite a few years of experience and will probably buy a ski that will take you all over the mountain.

Northstar has a great demo tent with lots of options! 


If you're trying to stick with last years product, then don't forget the Fischer KOA, Nordica Nemesis(a bit wider but nice) and/or the Line Celebrity 90.


There are tons of skis that will be an awesome "first ski" for you!


If you'd be interested in a 2012 ski, you'd be really wise to check out the Blizzard Black Pearl.  True North at Northstar has it if you want to check on it on your next visit to Tahoe.  

Shoot me a pm if you want more info.  Or check this thread for my review!



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Good choice on the Dynastar Exclusive Legend Eden, which is the womens version of the Sultan 85. However, I really like the Exclusive Legend Paradise more for a one ski quiver. I also would recommend looking at the Volkl Kenja (that is what I talked my sister into) and as TC noted the Black Pearl. Have a great season. At your height, I would really go 172-175. They will be more stable at speed.

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