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Flex ranges

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Sorry if this is incredibly dense, but what constitutes a 'soft' boot.  My 14 yr old daughter is just taking up racing ( late, I know... )  and her coach is recommending a soft boot. I understand that there is a number, and higher is stiffer, but what are the typical ranges?  


Do certain boots run softer or harder?  We're pretty much new and clueless here.

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welcome to epicski and the bootfitters forum.


boots have flex number designations that attempt to describe how easy or hard it will be to flex or bend the boot. the flex numbers a good general reference to help select the proper boot for your daughter.


on average, most 14 yo. girls use a 100 flex boot for racing. as stated above this also depends on your daughters height, weight, strength, and coordination. too stiff a boot and she will not be able bend her ankles. this ankle movement is critical for developing balance on skis. too soft a boot and she will struggle to properly drive power to the ski.


seek out a shop where you live that specializes in race products for kids.



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Will I agree with Jim.  there are also race boots now available in what we call the Short Cuff, and depending again on your daughters size and ltibial length, may be most helpful in allowing more ankle movement.  a good bootfitter will know which models of Lange and Dalbello have been produced with this option.



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Don't know where you are located but it would be great to work with a shop.  We can help a lot but the final steps of actually selecting the boot, fitting it and making stance and alignment adjustments will require a knowledgeable store.



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