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Fischer RX8

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Have a pair of 2009 Fischer RX8 (Orange). They are delaminating. Can anyone suggest

a ski with same demensions at 165 that ski the same. All Fischer skis seem to be going to wider demensions, I already have wider ski for all mountain.

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Hi hawaiiskier. Fischer has a great history of replacing those. They've known about the problem for years, often to skis beyond the warranty period. Take them to a dealer and ask the dealer to send them back to Fischer. You'll likely get a brand new pair of something else.

They did if for me a couple of years ago and if you search here on epic, you'll see it's something that's been discussed many times.

You're not going to find a ski with a 65 waist probably, but something like a Progressor 8 which is 72 under foot I believe would do you great.
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Fischer RC4 WC SC Pro is 69 at the waist; getting closer.

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Yep. On a return like this they give you what they have around that's in the same length. They gave me a brand new pair of RX8 Fire's that I sold. Gave oldeasternskier a pair of Race SC's. Someone else I know got Progressors.
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