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Salomon X-Wing 10 2007- Best for? Tahoe?

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I ski the East Coast primarily, but will be heading out periodically to Tahoe, etc..ultimately Whistler for ~10 days each year. I am becoming a fairly aggressive skier minus moguls and not much terrain park at this point - Are these a good fit for me? Should I look into another set of skis?

I'm 31 - 5'7" 140lbs - my X-Wing 10's are 154cm

Ability Level:Advanced - Expert
Core Material:Isocell Complex Core
Dims: Tip: 124
Dims: Waist: 73
Dims: Tail: 105
Tail Type:Flat
Turning Radius: 11.4


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Not the best choice for Tahoe, Sorry. For a point of reference, the "typical" daily driver out here is about 98 underfoot with a TR in the upper teens/low 20's meter turn radius. The that said, you still want a ski that is good for your everyday skiing which is still on the east coast. You don't need to go to that 100mm ski but a ski in the upper 80mm underfoot will be good for the most part here in Tahoe and still perform well for you in the east. For those deep days that we get, you will still want to demo something much wider (110+) but plan for 80%. 


Skis that come to mind...


Blizzard Bushwacker

Rossignol Experience 88

Nordica Steadfast

Line Prophet 90

Fischer Watea 88

Kastle BMX88


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What Phil said.  Or alternatively, keep the X-Wings for your Eastern skiing, and get something even a little wider for the maritime climate trips. (And since you're only talking about doing those about 10 days a year, consider making this year's trip a demo opportunity.)

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Thanks for the quick reply - looks like some of these skis are only available in 165mm and up, would that be a good fit sizewise for me? Also, I'm trying to find something economical that I can pick up used - which do you think I should target? I can continue to use the Xwings on the East Coast I suppose..



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At 140 pounds, I'd be looking in the mid 160s to mid-to-high 170s, depending on stiffness and camber -- i.e., on the short end of that range for a stiff conventionally cambered ski, on the long side for a softer rockered ski.  (Data point:  My 135-pound daughter currently skis 173cm Atomic Heaven 'n' Hells, which are rockered but relatively stiff.)


Re economics, when will you be heading West?  In my experience, the sales should start to pop up by March.

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I know several guys that ski the Tahoe area on skiboards 120cm or less.

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He's not asking about snowlerblades, he's asking about skis.


I know a lot of guys who ride snowboards in Tahoe, but that's not really relevant.

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I'm planning to head out there in early February 2012 so it looks like I'll miss any sales - i'll check craigslist and ebay for something used in good condition i suppose, any other thoughts? Since i'm used to the 154cm right now, will it be tough for me to jump to the 165-175 range? pros cons of rocker/camber etc? I'm not sure what the X-wing 10 2007 model has in that dept..


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Your X-Wings have normal camber, and IIRC, a relatively flat tail.  There's a lot written on this site and elsewhere about the effect of rocker; I leave it to you to find it.


Early February makes it unlikely you'll attend the Gathering, but if you have any flexibility in your schedule, you might try to make that happen.  I suspect there will be demos aplenty available.


Moving up in size will definitely be different, but so will the terrain and snow (assuming that you haven't spent much time outside the East).  How tough depends, and is a significant reason to demo.  Tahoe Dave's is probably the least expensive option, but Phil's shop (Start Haus) cares for their demos like no one I've seen.  There are also local places to check out to buy used gear once you're here, like the Sports Exchange in Truckee (it looks like their website isn't really up yet) or the hallway to the First Aid locker room at Alpine Meadows.


Heck, if you post your boot sole length (printed on the side of the heel), I'm guessing some locals might even let you borrow a pair of skis for a bit.

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The gathering may be out due to timing constraints this year unfortunately.


After doing some more research, I think maybe I should focus on a good crud buster ski with enough float for powder and as responsive as can be - the Volkl Bridge seems to be the best fit from what i've seen, though it looks like they changed some in recent years and have some rockering. Any thoughts or other suggestions?


BTW my boot is 305mm in case any locals have a pair that I might be able to borrow.


Thanks all!


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2009 K2 Apache Outlaw.   I've seen them around $399, flat for a new pair (leftover stock).  I've got the 170, turns very easily for a 92mm underfoot ski, likes to go fast, carves nice long turns on hardpack, floats moderate amounts of powder, breaks through crud, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.    Great all around ski.


I'm 5-10 140lbs; I could probably go for the 177 length.

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I found a good deal on Kastle FX94's 166 with Kastle K12 CTI bindings (might be a manufacturer recall) from 2010/2011 that are in fair shape. There is a base weld/wood exposed which I'm hoping to have professionally serviced and repaired satisfactorily. Is this ski a good choice in your opinion for me assuming I keep the Xwing 10 for east coast groomers and hard pack? Is this damage something that will majorly adversely affect my skiing experience out west?




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These are nice skis, I own a pair in 176. OTOH, they are not do-it-for-you skis. You haven't mentioned much about what level you are, except for the always popular "aggressive" and the nearly as popular "minus moguls," but if you're a 5-7 (intermediate to low advanced), these will be a handful in heavy Tahoe chop. Phil's list I'd agree with, you should be able to get good deals on some of them like the Prophet, and the Bushwacker is an amazing deal even without a deal ($599). 

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I would put myself at 5-7 like you speculated, but have never skied anything but the East Coast. I want something with a larger waist for the powder and crud - I was looking at the bushwacker but it is 88 waist. My current Xwing 10's are 74 waist which should remain good i think for hard pack and such. Do you think I should take these FX94 out to Tahoe in February or plan to buy a different pair etc....What will these 94's not do for me? I assume I will have to use more muscle action to make certain turns?



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I just got the Kastle FX94 skis and they are in fairly good shape, it looks like the binding has a recall K12 CTI though and there seem to be 3 Kastle dealers in PA which seems pretty crazy. I'll send some photos soon. What tune do you guys recommend on these? I'm planning to use them in Tahoe and other areas out west as well as any big dumps in the East - though I still have my Xwing 10's with a 74mm waist for groomers and ice.

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After about 40 ski days, my x-wing 10s became super noodly. They weren't very good performers on ice, deep powder, or bumps after a while. (It's hard to ski when your edge continually deforms and falls away from underfoot.) Now, this was five years ago, so maybe they've improved the materials since then--it was definitely a foam core at the time. Personally I steer away from foam cores because I don't like to gamble on it being a "good" foam core product.

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You will want a 1/2, which is factory, for out west. Can't speak to the binders, but if there's been a factory recall, then a dealer should replace them. Suggest you call Kastle. As far as what to expect, already said these are great skis, but not going to help you along with turns like most rockers do. Not so much about muscle power as a bit more precision required and returned. On groomers, they will make you forget your X-Wings real fast. 

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Thanks for the feedback - so am i understanding that these FX94's will take care of me in the icy east as well as the xwings and such? What if any place would the x wings be better? Kastle is swapping out the rear binding as per the recall on the set FYI.


Random question about boots - I have Nordica Speedmachine 10  26.5 mondo - I think my liner is kinda loose, what liner do you recommend for this boot?




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+1 for Mid to High 80's mm waist and 165-170 cm length.

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Last time I looked someone was selling 3x Intuition Liners in your size in the Gear Sale board.  If your liners have packed out beyond redemption you could do worse than have a look at those.


Good luck.

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