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What's going on??

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Is it your site, or have I picked up some unwanted hitch-hikers on the Information Highway.


I seem to spend forever waiting for the site to load.  Waiting for yahooapis, craveonline, google-analytics, gorillanation, and I think even facebook.  I don't know anything about any of those sites, and didn't sign up to any.

I also get a lot of unresponsive script messages. 

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I'm sorry. I assume this problem is of recent origin? Have you tried clearing your cache?


What OS and browser, for reporting purposes, please?

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Firefox 6.0.2

If I close it down and start over it is a little better.


Cleaning a cache?  What cache?

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Your browser's cache. In Firefox, go to help, type in clear cache, and you'll get instructions. Please let me know if that solves your problem. If not, I'll check and see if others using the latest version of Firefox are having similar issues on other sites. We have not had a second report from a user here of a similar problem.

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I use the same version, but have not experienced a slow-down here. The cache is the history and cookies stored by the browser and is found in FireFox by clicking on Tools/Options, then click on the Privacy tab.  From there you can choose to delete history or view and delete cookies.  Over time, the history and cookies stored by Firefox can get to be a very large database, and can affect the speed of viewing some sites, and even your system speed.

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There's a good chance that you're being re-targeted for a specific advertiser / product - and their ads are delaying the site load.  That would explain why no one else is having this problem.  So a cookie cleanse may not be a bad idea in addition to clearing your cache, although you'll have to login back in to every site that normally remembers you.

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Working a lot better now.  Cookies are cleared whenever I shut down firefox.  I guess it had been a while.

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