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'11 Rossignol S6 JIB Freeride

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Looking for insights / comments on '11 Rossignol S6 JIB Freeride that I purchased new  this summer.   The ski is as follows: 

 Dimensions: 140 /110/ 133   Radius 21 Rocker type :Freeride /rocker.      


My type skiing and location:   Blacks and blues --- Off piste trees in Utah  & powder --- some groomers in NY    I live in Florida and ski about 15 -20 days a year -- 1 week in the Adirondaks ( Gore Mt) and 2 weeks in Utah  (Powder Mt/ Snowbasin/ Solitude & Brighton.  


Been skiing since the 70's   I am 53   very fit   I bicycle over 5,000 miles per year.... I do not do bumps.    


I have been frustrated on a 78cm waist ski in the deep Utah powder and was hoping to find something I could use for both the groomers I ski and the Powder / mixed conditions I find in Utah.  


What say ye??? 


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I haven't skied them but they have had at least one good review.




I don't remember seeing any other review of them on Epic. If they have similar qualities to the narrower S5, they should be very versatile while not being punishing or difficult to work with.

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The S6 is a really nice ski. It's got plenty of surface area to float, the reverse camber (slight, but it's there) also helps and the 'positive sidecut' allows you to rail groomers... if you can get a 110mm ski up onto it's edges. From your description of your skiing I'd say you will love it in UT and hate it in the ADKs if the conditions are firm. I'd say you might have gone a bit too far into 'wide skis can do it all land' for what, I admittedly assume, you were looking for.

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I skied a pair of S-7's at Gore Mt last year an fairly firm snow and like them... I do spend 2/3 of my skiing in Utah....


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Are you keeping the 78mm ski? If so, you'll love the S6 as a compliment to it. Great choice (stop reading now). If not and you want the S6 to be your only ski:


The S7 has camber and a super short turn radius, it's a completely different ski (not to mention trying a ski for a day is WAY different from owning it. It's like a one night stand vs marriage, flaws just don't matter much 'in the moment'). As I said, I'll bet you will love the S6 in Utah, but as a ski you can "use for the groomers I ski and the powder/ mixed conditions I find in Utah" combined with "I do not do bumps" well, the S6 will be great for powder and some mixed conditions, but jumping from 78mm to a reverse camber ski that is 110mm is pretty extreme and pretty much a niche ski for even 'locals'. Skis like the S6 are really, really fun and can do more than just float in powder... but they aren't all-around skis as some like to claim. You can ski anything on anything if you have the skill set, but there is a such thing as 'right tool for the job'. A pair of vice grips can solve a lot of problems, a plunger does one thing well... the S6 is a plunger.


I'm not sure why you bought these skis then asked this question. You asked for insight from someone that has skied them, I have and I like them but I wouldn't own them if I had your situation, I'm sorry to say that but it's what I think. I'd own something like a Kastle BMX88 or 98, Blizzard Bonafide, Rossi S3, Nordica Soul Rider... something between 88mm and 105mm, looking to be at the new 'all-mountain standard' of 98mm, probably with slight rocker. You don't live in Utah, you visit... there is a difference.You do not ski bumps, that will really limit the amount of soft snow you ski while on vacation if the stars don't align for you.

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Hey there,


5' 8.5'' 135lbs on 2009 K2 Sidewinders with 118-74-103 and bought the 2011 Rossi S6 Jib Freeride. My conditions in Alberta requires me to have powder skis and the S6s are still great. In Jasper, Marmot Basin can sometimes be pretty bare/wind blown and the S6s are good on/off piste. Once I had my S6s, I haven't had to use my K2s in any conditions and have gone to the S6 exclusively. They perform well in bumps, hardpack to 2 feet of pow. Doesn't turn as well with my K2 74 waist, but still pretty quick. They are still nimble enough to handle short turns with a bit of finessing.


They do not have the early rise which the 2012-2013 skis have; the S6s are a great value and will perform well for you.

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