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how to search by date?

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How can I search while limiting the search to a specific topic with specific dates? For example "Heated Gloves since 2011". 2008 reviews of technological stuff are like getting a 2008 review of a cell phone.

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I'd like to name specific dates as well.  The best we've got is "a week ago", etc. up to "over a year ago".

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Click the recency button rather than the relevance button and you'll get later information first. Also, put quotation marks around the words you want to search -- "heated gloves." The problem mainly is that we do not have many heated gloves entered into our system let alone reviewed.


I think the answer to cold fingers is a good quality mitten. I swear by the Swany Toaster

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But if you want something posted from like 2009, you're stuck with everything (like 1000's of posts) going back to...what, 2005 or so..?  How about if you know approximately when the thing was you are looking for, but the "keywords" are really common? 

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Epicski Search And Advanced Search Tutorial



Use the Advanced Search

How To Execute An Advanced Search


  1. Navigate to the Advanced Search form by clicking the "Advanced Search" button next to the Basic Search bar.
  2. Enter your Keywords into the Keywords text bar.
  3. From here you have many options to narrow down your results.  On the Advanced Search form, there are multiple fields for further search criteria.  You may enter criteria into all of these fields, some of them, or none of them.  You have the option to....

    1) Search everything in a thread or just search a thread title.  By default, the search engine will search everything (titles, text in the body of the article/post, etc).

    2) Specify a user whose posts or threads you would like to search.  Enter one user name here - entering in more than one user or an incorrectly spelled user name will result in "User not found" and search results excluding this criteria.  If you leave this field blank, you will get results from all users (this is the default setting).

    3) Narrow down your search results based on the number of posts/replies in the thread.  The default setting is to look for all threads, regardless of whether or not there are any replies.

    4) Specify a time frame for threads or posts.  By default, the search engine will look for threads and posts from any posting date.

    5) Sort results based on relevancy, number of replies, thread start date, or last posting date.  The default setting is based on relevancy in descending order with the most relevant terms at the top (based on keyword density).

    6) Specify which of the forums and sub-forums you would like to search.  Simply click on the forum or sub-forum you would like to search within.  If you chose to search within a forum that holds sub-forums, all of these will be searched.  If you would like to select multiple forums or sub-forums, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and click on each forum/sub-forum you would like to add.  You should see each one highlighted in turn.  By default, unless you specify particular forums you would like to search, the search engine will search across all forums.

    7) Search threads or individual posts.  By default, the search engine will search for and display threads with mentions of your keywords, rather than displaying links to individual posts.
  4. When you are ready, click the "Search" button at the bottom of the search form.
  5. Your results will display on several different tabs, divided up by the different types of content.  The first tab will show all of the results across the site.  The following tabs will display any Products, Reviews, Threads, Category, Images, Users, and Wikis that match your search criteria.


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Thanks, that helps.

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I knew all that Nolo, but you cannot put in a specific least in MY advance search screen. 



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You're right, sibhusky, you can't specify a date, just a range. Can you give me an example of how an exact date would be helpful in a search? 

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Could be trying to find where I said something and I remember the time I said it for some reason and I'm looking for some response that occurred.  I know it's come up for me.  The longer someone is on the forum, the more likely that "over a year ago" is going to become an issue as they try and find something they remember being said.  Maybe I'm just old and forgetful, but when you try to look for something and you get pages and pages and pages of posts, anything to narrow it down helps.

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That's true -- over a year ago is 11 years worth of stuff!

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