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Bindings question

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I have a friend with a pair of soloman xwing tornado's that I want to buy from him. He broke a binding on them and said I'd have to get a new set, but when he bought them he was told you can only mount one particular binding on the ski.

Can anyone think of a reason why this would be?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the n00bish question.
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If it IS the system binding that is on there, and chances it is, you might have a hard time finding a binding for them. This will fall under the category "If he gave them to you it still isn't a good deal" for you. 

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That's disappointing. I was hoping to get a nice fast ski setup on the cheap since I just bought brand new gear last season. Thanks for the help tho.
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You might be able to buy a trashed or worn out pair of Salomon X-wings with bindings for cheap.  Bindings usually (though maybe not in your friend's case) have more days in them than skis.

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