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 I can't disagree.  It's a shame, T Rice is helping push the sport on many different levels. 


Of course, if Red Bull paid me to travel and photograph and snowboard, I'd throw out a catch phrase here and there.  Of course, my camera would probably have Red Bull logos all over it.

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wrong information here cost me half a tank of expensive gas. not at the outlet. I was there. the only one. right or wrong?

Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

The dates and times are trickling in for the 2011-12 Ski Porn!yahoo.gif


So far: 

TGR's - One for the Road - Alpine Meadows, Friday September 23rd 7:00PM, (Ticket info pending)

MSP's - Attack of La Nina - Squaw Valley,  Friday October 7th, (2 showings 7:00PM, 10:00PM) $10 tickets at the door or  you can purchase ahead of time at Porters of Tahoe

Level 1 - After Dark, Reno (Location TBA) Saturday October 8th (Time and ticket info TBA)

PowderWhore Productions Tour - Multiple times and locations - Check this link

  • Tahoe area listing (check link above for other locations)
  • Reno, Nv - Pagonia Outlet, Friday Oct 21st - 7:30 PM Cost $10.00
  • Truckee, CA - Bar of America, Tuesday Oct 18th - 8:00 PM Cost $10.00
  • Tahoe City, CA -  Sawtooth Ridge Cafe (877 N. Lake Blvd.)Mon Oct 17th - 7:30pm Cost $10



Keep posting anything you can find that can keep the ski porn stoke going!





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Yup, it was at the outlet, in the back, we were puzzled when we got there too, but we drove around back and found where it was.

 Sorry Dave.  You should have driven around to the back.  frown.gif

The movie was good, too!


Responding to Xela, There was a lot of Backcountry stoke, including risky taking adventure, like most ski movies have, but there was also some obvious care with set up and some moments when they talked about being "socked in" and not able to go further.  There was also a segment with an avalanche forecaster that explained the passion for the sport and balance of getting the forecast right.


I was especially pleased to be greeted by our friend Doug Stoup, who is also in the movie, it was nice seeing him again.




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 Hi Dav,


Sorry to hear that.  There was a note on the door instructing people where the screening was.  This is pretty typical with groups hosting events at the warehouse.  Most people don't know where the "warehouse" is, but seemingly know where the outlet is.  So, most groups advertise it as the "outlet".  It seemed most people found it. 

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Originally Posted by Bob Lee View Post

...I've got an order in for this DVD:



I watched the whole movie last night on DVD - transcendent!  Beyond ski porn, beyond 'stoke.'  No names or 'personalities." just beautiful wintry goodness:

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