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The rumors of my pickiness have been greatly exaggerated.

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I can't reply to "Largest Women's Boot Size" so I'll have to post in a separate thread I guess??



Hello. I am the wife in question. smile.gif


I'm not sure how this turned into a "she'll only wear boots with a 'W' on the side and fake fur trim" thread... please allow me to clear things up.


I am willing to buy whatever works (within a certain budget). I will buy neon puke men's boots with sexy lady silhouettes on the sides if it means I don't have to cut my days short due to boot pain.


The problem I'm having is that my feet are not only size 11 but they are also AAA narrow. Plus my calves are quite low. So it's not a matter of just hopping into the men's version of a boot when I hit the size limit... it's a completely different fit. Far too wide in the foot and ankle, too high on the calf.


I understand that a good bootfitter can work wonders in shaping a boot to your foot, but please understand how difficult it is to invest $$$ in a men's boot that completely does not fit, on the promise that they'll try to make it work. This requires a huge amount of trust.


I've heard of making slight adjustments like adding some width or some toe room, but how about making it narrower throughout?

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you usually can't make a boot narrower, or stiffer, just the other way.   DONT go to a big box / chain store but a store that deals in more custom options, and they should be able to help you.   Keep in mind that almost no one gets a boot out of the box, that fits perfect, and you will be no different.   Sounds like a softer race boot might be a good starting point (race = narrow and stiff) so that, with making a bit more calf room, and sfotening the flex, might work well.

Keep in mind that some geeks online can't tell you what boot to get, and even a boot fitter can only guess, but with feedback from you, and a bit of time, this can work out well.

Boots will usually just be the higher end models, as this gives the fitter more options to work with, and most stores will not charge any extra for the fitting, and just charge MSRP.   Early season they might have some old stock cheap too?

are you in SLC?   best to look who fits boots in your area, (list on this site) and spend some time with them (1-2 hours is common) and see what works for you.

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Thank you for the reply. We are definitely planning to go to a good bootfitter (I'm in the SLC area, looking at either Snowbird or Deep Powder House). It's just that I've already been to another decent (I think?) fitter twice in the past two years looking for boots and it's getting frustrating. I size out of the women's boots, and the men's boots feel like galoshes.


Maybe it's a communication problem and a fresh perspective will help.

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Please forget shoe sizes and let us know how long your foot is in centimeters.  If you measure around 27cm your should fit into a 26 shell, I know that sounds crazy but boots are generally sized to sell easily.  You might look at the Atomic/Salomon race level boots with the step out, laced liner as they come in narrower lasts and are easier to get on and off, plus you can walk around the house in the liner.  Have the shell flared to the rear to eliminate some of the forward lean to accommodate your calf.



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I apologize. My current boots (Lange Comp 100 FR W 2006) only have the shoe size (9.5) and sole length written on them, and I threw away the box. I'm also having a hard time finding sizing info online for them since they are several years old.


When I step on a ruler (inaccurate, I know) I keep getting ~ 26cm. I tried on the Dalbello Kryptons in 26.5 though (right after skiing all morning -- obviously key) and even the liner was pinching my toes, not to mention the shell.


I don't anticipate fixing the calf flare to be any major problem, I know this is done all the time. I think the issue is going to be finding a narrow enough men's boot.

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You are right a 26 would seem very tight on your toes(this is normal), the liner will stretch to the length of your foot if heat molded and will then stretch to a comfortable fit with a little use.


     Humor me---Try a 26 on, comfortably tighten the buckles (ankles very tight please), then stand on one foot and push that knee forward as hard as possible---you toes will pull back from the end---this is how the boot will feel once it is heat molded, it will feel even better once it is skied in.



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There are a few things to remember here.  First is there are no such thing as men's boots.  There are unisex boots and there are women's boots.  Some women's boots are unique to women's foot shape but most are not.  Most are unisex with fur and bling.  Stupid I know but that is the way it is.  Any good fitter and certainly anyone listed here guarantees what they do.  If it doesn't work they will make certain you haven't thrown your money away.  See if you an find someone who is stocking the new Dalbello Scorpion 95mm in a 90 or 10 flex.



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