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164 Vs 172

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I am an expert skier and trying to decide on the between 164cm and 171cm skis.

Here are my "specs":


5'8", 164lb, age:33.  Skiing mostly Hunter Mtn (read, ice skiing with occasional powder). I like to go fast, but sometimes just carve along at slow speeds. Especially since I am planning to introduce skiing to my kids this season.

I almost never ski moguls.


171cm skis cost extra $170, otherwise this would be an easier decision.


I am thinking of Atomic Smoke Ti.


Thanks in advance for you response.


PS I always wondered what is the weight of a skier? Full gear or real weight?  Since there will be around 15lb difference.

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I think almost any source would say 171's rather than 164.


As for weight, I always use my lightly-clothed body weight when I reference it, not all dressed with boots and helmet.  No reason why; that's just the decision I've made.  I've sometimes wondered the same thing about how other people reference weight.


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For a 164 lb skier on a 15 m radius recreational ski I would recommend 171 over 164 cm.

If you were talking SL race ski, I would say 164 cm.

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I'm 5 ft 7 in, 155 lbs, 34 years old, and an expert skier.  A few years ago I debated long and hard over my choice of 170 cm or 177 cm Volkl AC3s.  I went with the 177s, and I haven't been disappointed.  I chose the 177s because I was buying the AC3s to rip groomers and hard snow.  The extra stability from the length has been good in that respect. 


I wouldn't worry about skiing with the kids too much, assuming they're pretty young, it won't matter too much what you have strapped to your feet, at least that's been my experience working with my niece and nephew and the various skis in my quiver; of which the AC3s are both the shortest and the thinnest (though also the heaviest!)


If you'd prefer the shorter radius of the shorter ski, and are willing to give up a little stability at higher speeds, the shorter ski should be fine, though at your ability level, you might find yourself wishing for a bit more ski. You easily have the skills and size for the longer ski.


TL;DR I suggest the 171



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Thanks to all. I kinda suspected it all along, was just hoping to find a valid reason to go with a cheaper ski. I also bought a ski house, so will be skiing alot more than previous years.  The long skis it is.


Now for the difficult part: "Honey I need to spend a little more..." biggrin.gif


PS anything comparable to the Smoke Ti?


Thanks again for your help.

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Update. Found a very good deal on 2011 Nomad Blackeye Ti in 174cm. (Same price as Smoke Ti eek.gif) I read that the only change in 2012 is graphics,  so I could not resist.  Lets hope these are not too long for me.

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