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Utah in early March 2012

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We just booked a week at a timeshare in Midway Utah for the second week of March.  We are looking for the best family resort for beginners.  My wife has skied 5 times, and my kids skied 2 times.  I've been skiing since I was a kid, so we need to find a resort that will keep them happy, but have some runs for me that will allow me to ski harder runs, but meet up with them at the bottom.


Which of the resorts is the best for families and is the most affordable for a 3-5 day pass?

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Due to its location, Midway will be most convenient to Sundance and the Park City resorts.  Sundance is a nice, small hill with good beginner options as well as some steeper slopes and good tree skiing.  I would not want to build a vacation around it but it is cheap, beautiful, and definitely worth a day.   Of the three Park City resorts, I like Park City itself for beginners since there are a lot of options and a number of long, quality runs for skiers of that level.  However, Deer Valley and The Canyons would have plenty of good options as well.  None of these areas are likely to be significantly more economical than the others and they will all be pretty pricey.  Deer Valley arguably has the best ski school and probably has the most convenient set up for taking care of kids. 


They each would offer you a lot of options.  If you search these forums you will see that each has its fans.  I prefer Deer Valley and believe it is the more natural, straight forward ski hill and would likely have the best snow preservation/quality in mid-March.

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Thanks for the reply.  My older sister went to BYU, and my little brother and I went out there to ski like 20 years ago.  I have skied all the mountains, and I remember sundance well.  We were board by lunch and spend the rest of the day seeing how far we could fly off one bump on the hill.  ParkCity as I remember it was great, huge and lots of different stuff.  But I know it is expensive.


I guess we will wait until the 2012 pricing comes out for all the mountains and go from there.  I know if we ski any of the big places (Alta, Snowbird, Park City, etc.) we can't lose really.

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Deer Valley is expensive, but can't be beat for a family / beginner western resort.  Had my 2 daughters  (8 and 10) to Park City for their first western trip last year.  Skied both PCMR and Deer Valley. Deer Valley was great for the kids.  With DV's grooming and green/blue trails from the top of all mountains the girls were able to explore the entire resort and weren't limited to just sections.



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I would NOT suggest Snowbird for skiers of the ability level you described.



Snowbasin has a beginner area right at the base - you wont get others flying past you/them.



check out the SKI UTAH app at

Hi Res trail maps are going to be your friend, keeping in mind its all relative

to that hill only.


Solitude is well, a bit small. But VERY family oriented.  and has the good up top / around back.



Also, the LCC/BCC resorts can get A LOT OF SNOW IN A HURRY.  Great for most skiers, but

can be a bit much for beginners

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How old are the kids?  Are they going spend any time at ski school?


Looks like the reason you could get a unit in Midway is that it's rather on the wrong side in the winter.  In the summer, can get into BCC the back way but that road is closed in the winter.  After they have a few days on the snow, might be worth the drive to Snowbasin.  Definitely less crowded on the weekends.  Just seeing the inside of the lodges is a treat.  Lots of ways to split up and meet at the bottom for mixed ability families.

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