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Don Joy Knee Brace

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Has anyone here used the don joy knee brace? in particular the Defiance model which i think the USST is using? Any comments? I'm deciding what to get for next ski season because my knees are really weak :| doc recommended a pair to me

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You might want to ask that question on "Bob's ACL" board. It's at http://www.factotem.com/kneeboard

It's the largest web forum for people with ACL and other related knee problems. There are a couple of brace specialists there. The most notable being a guy named Michael Frind. Although there aren't many (if any) really hard core skiers there, there are lots of active people with experience with knee braces. I remember many conversations about the DonJoy Defiance when I was hanging around there after my ACL reconstruction last year.
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I use the CTI-II at the moment. No complaints at all. I had to send it back the first time... don't know if it was a Mass General screw up or a CTI screw up but it wasn't even close.

If you get a custom brace that's fit using measurements rather than by making a plaster cast, insist that the tech do the measurements twice on two different forms and cross-check the results. Photocopy the form and keep it for your records.
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Did you get your brace yet?
Everyone out there has their favorite. they are all good to a certain extent. Depends on the individual.
The Defiance is a good brace. I know a lot of skiers who ski with it and it works great. Meet with the rep and give it a try. Definately mention it is for skiing, because sometimes it fits weird over the front of the boot if it is not specially designed.

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no personal experience but Cti also makes a brace specifically for skiing. it actually has an attachment that bolts to your boot.
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Yep. Brace-to-boot hardware. That's what I have on my CTI-2. It keeps the brace from wandering around. My old Lenox Hill used to slide down all the time.
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You don't always have to have a direct attachment. My CTI2 doesn't and it works beautifully.
I think there are a lot of important factors here. First, what will your insurance pay for? Health insurance is a tricky thing and some durable medical equipment companies are not honored by your insurance. And what will the MD write a prescription for? Do they have a contract with various companies? A lot of the time, it is the MD's office that does the fitting.

But once again, everyone will have an opinion. And that's great! Why did I choose CTI? because it was so light weight, I could get a small brace esp for me and skiing, and I could get it in purple.
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