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Lokomotiv plane crash

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What a terrible off season for hockey - first Boogaard, Rypien, Belak, now this?  Lotta NHLers on that plane - Pavol Demitra was great here in St Louis.

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Numbers differ in Russian news... But one crew member and one player survived... With 80% burns :(

The plane could not accelerate fast enough, passed the take-off line but still the pilot decided to take off.. Didn't make to 200m altitude, hit trees/wires/radio tower and crashed.

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Just found out.  Shocking.

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The last player died from burns in hospital.

Edit: It was told in news here in Latvia and in Russia... But just dug in forums that he is still alive...


Anyway... Major loss for hockey world

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Saw that on the news today.  Devastating newsfrown.gif

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вечная память

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Horrible. Demitra, Salei, Skrastins, Karpotvsev, McCrimmon, Stefan Liv, Vasicek, Marek, Korolev, Rachunek ... good lord. What a summer.

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