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Help a newcomer find skis for interior British Columbia.

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Hi Guys,


I’m currently at a cross roads after demoing (in Australia) the new 2012 Volkl Kendos. I agree with all the hype - these skis truly rip! and I am more than ready to pull the trigger and buy these as I just got offered a pretty outrageous deal from our local shop, However my only problem is what size ?.


I tried both the 170s and 177s and have mixed views about what size is best. I didn’t really have a problem turning either ski (mainly GS turns) however the 170s were obviously more snappy and fun. All the advice I have been getting has been from Australian shop assistants who don’t really know Canadian snow. The skis are very stiff and the 170s feel stable in Aus (light covered) snow going quick. As I will hopefully be dabbling in the trees I think the 170s may be better however I don’t want to get there and have skis which are too short.


 My measurements are:

  • 5'8 (176.5cm)  tall
  • weigh around 170lbs (77 kg)
  • Advanced - (almost) expert skier.



I am also looking to buy a deeper variable snow pair to add to my rack when I’m over there. At this point I’m interested in the armada tst's and the armada jj.


Any advice on the above would be fantastic!


- I will be spending a season in the Canada with half my time in silver star and half my time at big white, with the inevitable trips to Revelstoke. (if this helps)

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I'd go 177 for sure, especially if you plan to hit revy. Compared to Aus you'll be seeing much softer snow, and a lot more of it, so you should benefit from a bit of extra length.


But then again, if you're gonna add a proper fatty once you get over here, I'd even look at something a little more frontside oriented than the kendo so there's a bit less overlap between your two sets of boards.

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 I'm 165, always ski the 177. If you're getting Kendos, think about something funny shape for your pow ski, like a S7, JJ, or even a Praxis Pow. Little overlap is fine; we can't always predict what the day will turn out to be. 

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The Star and Big White are actually similiar to Aussie skiing.  Like Thredbo or Perisher.  Flat on top, with long cruisers, or a few short steep runs.  Usually with a few trees.  The snow quality in Canada is much better, cold and dry, you dont get near the slush that you get in Aus.  Powder in the Okanagan is great.


Revy thou is a whole different ball game, it is actually 2 mountain ranges over, so very different.  Revy is big mountain skiing, steep and deep. 


I'd agree with above go longer.

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Thanks guys,


So from what I’ve heard on here I think I’ll be going for the 177s. Any tips to get them snapping like the 170s?


You all seem to know the terrain pretty well, would the kendos be best or would you suggest anything else?


In the way of a fatty do you think an armada TST would be fat enough for a powder ski for that region or would it be best to get a real fatty like the JJ, Gotama, etc



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