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Germany Ski Area Recommendations

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We are planning on spending Christmas in Luneburg, Germany (up near Hamburg) and was wondering if anyone has any ski area recommendations for the northern (or central) part of the country for the week before Christmas. 


If all goes as planned, we will have 2 first-timers and other low level skiers so a hard core resort is not needed.  My PT is recommending that I only skin up and ski greens down until later in the season so I may be looking to rent an AT set-up.


Ice skating or other activities in the area would be nice.



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Been to Garmisch, which is gorgeous and start of serious Alpine terrain.  Never been to northern Germany, but here are couple of options.

  I think number one is your ticket.  You could ask on snowheads.com and probably get firsthand feedback.

1. The Harz Mountains, ~130 miles from Hamburg, I think Wurmberg ski area has a vertical over 1000 feet:



2.  Feldberg in the Black Forest area near Freiburg, 300+ miles from Hamburg, might as well go to Alps?:


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thanks James...I thought I made a more detailed reply earlier, but Braunlage looks like a possibility.

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Willingen and Winterberg in the high Sauerland are probably the closest with 200 ks away - easy terrain but snow is a hit or miss. Check before you go.

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Hmm. I thought I replied to this thread, but that seems to have gone missing.


Long story short, you'll have to gt lucky to even have snow in those parts at that time of year (or any time of year in recent years).


If there is snow, the only place worth going in northern Germany is Braunlage (Wurmberg), and even that is pushing the limits of what you would consider "worth it". There are a couple of runs, none of them challenging, and if they're claiming 1000 ft vert that's a bit inflated. It is also insanely crowded on holidays and weekends. I'm talking hour long waits for the gondola crowded.


Braunlage the town I find interesting. It has a distinct feel of faded glory. I got a lot of visitors back in the days before cheap flights, but now most people overlook it. I like, some people probably don't.


If you are looking to go for a day or two midweek from Hamburg, why not? Even mediocre skiing is still fun. If you're going for a week, I'd look at getting a cheap flight to the alps.


One big caveat: if you like cross-country skiing, it is very good in the Harz mountains (not just Braunlage). Again, assuming there's any snow.

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Thanks...looks like we are going target the second week of April in the Alps and just stay around Luneburg during the Holidays
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