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Gunner, I looked at those, but I want something a little slimmer, as I love to rip some nice tight turns in the groomers most of the time.  I'm only going to go off piste maybe 20% of the time, and I have a wife and 2 kids who are just getting into skiing and need a free instructor.  Maybe once they get better and go into the powder or ski more aggressive stuff, then I'll get something more well rounded.  By then I'll be ready for new skis anyway  ;-)

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If you are still looking for online retailers with attractive prices for some of the skis listed here you might give Telemark Pyrenees a look. 10/11 Dynastar Sultan 85s going for around $270.00 US. There were Kendos in your size a few days ago but I see they're gone now. http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com/en/dynastarlegendsultan851011-p-7051.html


I can personally recommend this site, both for its reliability and service. I've purchased bindings, skis, skins, packs, etc. all with no problems, very fast delivery (less than a week, coming from France!) Atomic Snoops were selling for $200 last week.

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Originally Posted by sawyer1370 View Post

Well I would really like the Volkl Kendo, but it's a little out of my price range, so I'm leaning towards the Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti.


I love this forum

Kendo $499


Volkl Bridge $479


Atomic with bindings $609



The above deal on the Sultan 85 is smokin and it is a great ski as I have a pair. If your a Volkl guy just get the 184 Kendo's

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Originally Posted by sawyer1370 View Post

Am I barking up the right tree?

I don't think you are.


I think you'll do a lot better picking up a used two-ski quiver at a swap or on this site.


Used expert carvers are dirt cheap these days.


For a ski that can still go off piste if necessary, think about something like a mid-2000s Stockli Stormrider XL in a 174.  75mm under foot gives them a bit more float than a race ski, but these things absolutely rail on groomers and ice (at least, my 2005 194s do). After I got them a couple of seasons back (in exchange for a couple of bottles of wine), I gave away my 200mm GS skis.


Another alternative for a hard snow ski is a used race ski.  Used Rossignols without bindings seem to be particularly cheap, probably because the FKS and similar bindings are pretty highly sought by freeskiers.  Look for a pair with clean bases and edges, take the race plate (which works only with race-toe Look/Rossi bindings) off, and mount them flat or replace the plate with a less expensive one that matches your bindings, like the Tyrolia CP11.  My wife's hard snow skis are 153 Rossignol SLs from the mid 2000s, de-plated and mounted with Salomon S900 Teams (found on a pair of obsolete Salmons in a dumpster near Alpine Meadows when I was taking out the trash).  Our cost was about $50, including the mount and a decent tune (Alpine's tuning shop lets you buy $200 in service for $100 pre-season).


For a ski to use on softer days or when traveling, I'd look for a something that has a soft snow bias but can still hold an edge.  A used Volkl Mantra from the non-current 96mm-wide generation might be a good bet.

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My Bizzard 8.1 did a fair job in the dual role.  A little better on-piste and in the bumps but held their own in the pow.  (81 under foot.)


I thought about the K@ Rictor for the same reasons the OP gave, and upon talking to lots of guys in the shops they had a lot of de-lamination problems last year (too bad, I like K-2s)


I switched skis with KevinF for a few hours last year.  He was on a Kastle MX 88 which others have mentioned.  It was mostly a powder day with 16" - 28" or so depending on where you went and very high winds.  Those handled VERY well in the trees, powdery bumps and deep.  I did manage to get a few turns in on some groomed and there performance was admirable there.  That would be a good choice, as long as you don't have to sell your car to afford them smile.gif

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Originally Posted by sawyer1370 View Post

Ok, so I'm gonna need a mid-fat ski, since we will be skiing Utah and Tahoe once a year and want something I can ski in powder at least a few runs.  So any thoughts on these, as they seem to have gotten very good reviews here:


-k2 Rictor

-Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti

-Volkl Kendo

-Salomon Shogun


Am I barking up the right tree?

I'd say The shogun is a good one, along with the kendo


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