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Skilogic or New Volkl RTM 84's?

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In need of some new boards this season. Been riding on Volkl's AC4's for a few years. Time to bring them to the wood pile. I'm curious about Skilogic Ullr's Chariot. Beside the mere look of the ski has anyone out there skied on these?  I'm also leaning towards the new Volkl RTM 84's.  I mainly ski the east, Killington, Stratton, MRG.  I'm afraid the Ullr's are more of a powder/western ski.  Any feedback I'd appreciate. Thanks.

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Nice review here.


A custom "EpicSki" version of SkiLogik's Ullr's Chariot will be the Grand Prize in a contest starting Thursday! Stay tuned. 

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Seems like if you ski the west in powder alot the ski would hold up well.  My concern is skiing here in the east on all the ice, rock, hardpack.  Killington I'm afraid would eat these boards alive on a normal hardpack Killington day. My other concern which is actually a BIG concern is yes, they look beautiful.  I'm sure they look beautiful to a thief as well.  I can totally see these getting stolen at Killington or God forbid Hunter Mountain.

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I have skied them this year as my only ski in New England. I really like them and they are holding up great. Not sure why you think they wouldn't hold up. These skis are rock solid, with the hardest bottoms I have ever seen and the best quality steel edges in the industry. I have been a little careful to avoid rocks, as they are new, but I have skied plenty of boiler plate with them this season. About the only thing I can complain about is I cross my tips a lot when herring boning and have taken a couple of small knicks out of the tops. Not a big deal at all.


As far as performance, they are a wide ski, with the edge hold of a slalom race ski. The edges hold better on ice than almost any ski I have ever owned. The only question to as yourself is do you want the benefits of the width (deep snow and corn snow performance) along with the draw backs (more boot force, extra weight). Believe me when I tell you these baby's rip turns.


Oh yea, I have skied about 10 days total, Loon, Pico, Cannon, Killington, Pats Peak, Bradford.

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One correction, I meant say I cross my tails when herring boning, and the twin tip tail can gouge the other ski. Maybe not cross, but bump my tails.

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