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Molnar skiis

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My name is Tunde Molnar, my father founded the company. I several pairs in my garage. E-mail for info. or history.

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Welcome to Epic. Please expand on the history of the infamous Molnars, both yellow and green along with other variations. Is your dad still alive? How and why did he come to build skis? Was it just an engineering background or the love of the sport?

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Thanks for your query.  My father is very much alive.  He started his career as a plastics and chemical engineer working with Tony Sailer, the Austrian racer.  After Tony Sailer, his career took him to K2, Lange and forward from there. Our skis started in the garage of our house in Colorado - a wall of presses and molds. The yellow skis were the first prismatic design, incorporating a lighter honeycomb structure that allowed far more flexibility in the ski.  The greens were a bit stiffer to accomodate skiers with higher proficiency.  The tan and black ones came after; the black ones are narrower and built as a racing ski.  At the time, 175s - 185s were the size of choice and I must admit, my 185s with Solomon bindings remain dear to me!

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I knew of the Green & Yellows, I never knew of the tan or black ones, could you post pics? Also, what does your dad think of the new shapes of skis getting wider and different shapes> 

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