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Yup, if I was to be completely unbiased I think Silver Star wins for me too. But I spent a lot of years living in Kamloops and a couple of those teaching at Sun Peaks, so I am biased, so Sun Peaks it is!


And a fun fact, but did you know that the region is spelled Okanogan in the States and Okanagan in Canada? Not trying to be a spelling dick, I just remembered hearing that some years ago, and yours and pontoon's posts were the first times I've actually seen it in practice.


Haha, i had no clue if that was the right spelling.


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Originally Posted by poNTOonMcConks View Post

I am seriously concidering doing a loop from red mountain, up to whitewater, kimberley, fernie, Kicking horse, revelstoke, and maybe 1 of the resorts in the okanogan.

That was our original plan in 2009, fly into Spokane & begin at Red.  It turned out to be more cost effective to fly into Cranbrook & concentrate on KH & Revy.  We easily could have thrown Fernie & Kimberly in there though.


I think the loop up from Red would be great!





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Chamonix for 2 weeks would likely be less travel time and just as budget friendly as driving around B.C. or Western US for 2 weeks.  Try laying it out apples to apples...

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Advice: Do some research. Or at least ask a more intelligible question. How can anyone help you if all you ask for is a mountain with snow. Yeah, I know a few:

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