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Kids in the way way back

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How do kids do this?  If I got that far back I'd be eating snow a few seconds later.  Weird thing is she almost never falls.  Seems like most kids I see do this on a regular basis.  They grow out of it (my daughter rarely gets that far back anymore).  Is there something different about their center of gravity?  Is it simply more supple joints/ligaments?



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Flexibility, and the fact that they're closer to the ground. biggrin.gif

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One of my kids used to be too far back (not as badly as the child in the photo).  An instructor cured the problem in one day by having him go to a bump run, stop on to of each mogul, get forward, and then turn.  Once he skied more normally (linking turns w/o stopping) he was more neutral or forward.  His better balance, of course, led to better skiing and improvement.


I guess the stomach and leg strength of young kids (3 to 6) is also an issue.  So are the boots, which are usually made for comfort.  They may not be stiff enough for the little Lindsy or Bode to feel resistance from pushing forward a bit.  I never thought my little guy being a bit in the back seat was a big deal since he was having fun and I assumed he would figure out how to get forward soon enough (he was OK by age 7).  Besides, he isn't going to be earning FIS points anytime soon.

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I wasnt particularly worried about it ( she almost completely stopped doing it later in the same season as the pic). Just baffles how kids are able to do it (often at speed on a moderate slope) without a subsequent wipe out.
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I marvel at the way they can sit on the snow while they're still skiing and just "pop" back up!

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It has to do with a lower point of center gravity.  Not proportionately, but the actual distance from the skis to that point, which is significantly shorter, so even if they're in the back seat that point is still more over their skis than it would be for someone who is bigger / taller.  I would suspect this holds true for adults as well, as someone who is 5 feet tall versus 6 feet tall could likely get away with being further back.

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Pretty common thing to see in young skiers. The main difference with kids is that their muscles aren't fully developed yet, so they rely more on the skeletal structure and boots for their stance. They can get away with it cause little people don't weigh very much, and have rubber where their bones/joints are supposed to be. As someone above said, it doesn't really look right the way they can fall backwards into the pizza wedge and pop right back up. If I were to do that I'm pretty sure both my knees would be toast.

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