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From browsing the threads there looks like there are alot of BBQ fans in here.  Having a neighborhood block party and I was "volunteered" to bring pulled pork.  Doing it today as wouldn't be time tomorrow (at least it gets me out of taking 6 y/o to a birthday party biggrin.gif).  What are others doing!


Post dry rub (black pepper, paprika, turbinado, salt, dry mustard, cayenne), wrapped and refrigerated overnight.



My smoker - used to have a big side box smoker when lived in Kansas City many years ago.  Now don't have the time to constantly baby it along by adding fuel and twiddling the vents to maintain approximately 200F.  This seems to work well and can leave it alone for a couple hours at a time.



Two hours in (will likely go about 8 - internal temp approx 180).



After hits target will wrap in foil, put in cooler and surround with rumpled newspaper for a few hours (burnt ends are great but burnt fingers HURT) then pull.  Serve with carolina red, mustard sauce , and I usually make a sweeter KC style sauce for those who like it.  Coleslaw and buns, beer and were set.