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LANGE RS 110 - is is doable for me???

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First, let's begin with me:


5'10", 170-175lbs aggressive male  42 years old..

Last year I skied in Atomic RT CS 140 boot/98mm last/, but recently after I spoke with several competent people I came to conclusion, that I need softer boots at least for pow/crud days.


Atomics are great boots, they fit me right out of the box without any complaints, other than my feet are cold. Size of the Atomic boots is 27.0...

Now about my feet:

Barefooted my feet measure a bit above 27.0 MP, also they are D width for that size..

My instep is high,oooh and also tall arches i guess this every bootfitter dream...frown.gif

My ankles get very wide range of motion/don't know how to describe it better..


The surprising part is that I said  Atomics fit good,but instead of grinding them to get softer, I decided to get the new Lange RS 110 wide.....Getting a softer boot made me  try to get a size smaller - 26.0 MP... Yesterday I had a chance to go to a local shop and give the Lange'e a good try in the forementioned size.

Doing shell fit the room I had behind my heel is4-5mm no more. After putting the boot on with thick/on purpose socks/ and staying buckled and walking around for a while, there are several things that bother me:

-my instep/isn't crushed, but feels uncomfy and like ultra minor pain..

- my big toes went a little numb

-feels like I could definately use some room up front and on both sides of my foot.

Basically I think that with some grinding and punching, more room will be created and this will allow my foot to go a little more forward and some on the sides.Allowing that, will bring my instep down a little and will solve my problems.........


What do you pros think???

Let me know, thanks Andy......


P.S.Otherwise I love everything about the Lange RS 110 boots.. BTW in the boot description says they are monoinjected shells, which makes bootfitting a snap... 

What does that mean monoinjected and how is that makes the fitting process easier, compared to other boots, that aren't monoinjected????




























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1)  why would you use thick socks?   and then walk around?   this will just ADD lots of presure points?   best to use a really thin sock, then as the boot packs out you can go to a thicker one.  MUCH better test of the ft of a boot.  Also walking about is not what  a boot is made for.   Odds are this will just slide your foot forward, help jam your toes into the front of the boot, crush your instep and make the heel move around?


2)  if your old boots fit, but are too stiff, why not make them softer?

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Generally if you measure 27or a little over a 27 boot will pack out and be to big with just a little use, in most brands.  Check the WIKI on which boots should fit you at the top of the "Ask the boot guy's" section about shell sizing, to get the right fit.





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Thank you very much for you time guys.. I want to apologize for the untimely response  on my part,but I was computerless for the last 4-5 days... I hate to type from my phone, when I have to make it too long.

Now back to bootfitting.


Mntlion  , I was a little incorrect: when I tryed the Lange's I wore kind of normal socks, Smartwool Ph D/with light padding on shin and heel/

. Most of the time, that I spent in the boots  I was just applying pressure on the tongues, which would bring my foot backwards actually and I was tipping my feet from side to side, like I was edging... 

I wouldn't wear any thinner socks, than the ones I mentioned, cause my feet are always cold.

2.. I am still thinking of doint the boots a little softer, but how accurate is that process??


On  the other hand why am I trying to get fitted in the Langes instead work on my current boots? Because I think we always are chasing the PERFECT boot fit and I am trying to get the smallest size possible without going to Fischer Vacuum.. The  Fischers are great, but I don't think they will make something for my skiing, more than any other well fitted boot of the same caliber, besides Langes are half the price.


Mike I checked that WIKI many times, thanks..  Shell sizing the on  the Atomics I have about a finger behind/about 12mm.  Width wise my feet are touching the sides of the boot, but is doable......

Also on the Atomics that I have  The liners are thin like paper and the toe box is made of ultra thin foam, ther absolutely nothing to pack in that area... Plus I added a little lift to the toes and installed Hotronics...  Now everything is good, my big toe is a little tight, but after an hour on the hill it goes OK..


I also had before Technica Icon boots boots in 26/BSL 304/ the Langes are 26/306...

Technica's liners were packed ,but I still didn't have enough room both up front and side to side....


Do you guys still think the Lange's are doable easy, or not. The fitter is not close at all..


Also on my other question: How does the monoinjected shell  of the Lange, makes bootfitting.

/grind or punch, easier???


Thanks again...


Regards Andy..



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I haven't had the experience Mike describes that the correct size boot packs out to be to big.  In general I find that if someone measures a 27 they leave in a 27 and stay happy with it for many years.  Occassionally I find it necessary to increase size one, but only rarely can we go shorter and for someone with a "D" width foot going into a 98mm last I'll say almost never and 4-5mm behind the heel is not one hell of a lot.



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Thanks Lou.. I think I am going to stay with my current boots for now.. Little toe lift 2-3mm and minor canting issue on the left foot seem to do almost a miracle......

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