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Whistler - 1st Time - Feb 2012

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Just booked the trip for the week after Superbowl... Really excited.... Searched the forum and found some good info...


We are flying into Seattle - will spend 2 days there and then 2 days in Vancouver before heading up to Whistler for 4 nights...


Staying at the Hilton Whistler


Any suggestions for food, apres, etc would be greatly appreciated ...


Would like to see some live music if possible... 






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You are in for a terrific trip. I will give you a few places in whistler and vancouver.


The original Apres is Dustys at Creekside. Usually best right after skiing....but don't forget you need to get back to the village which although a short trip will require a bus if you didn't drive over.

At the base of the hill near the Blackcomb gondola is Dublin Gate. Great for apres and for food. Apres on saturday get there early... Otherwise dinner (pub food) is excellent...i recommnd the steak and guiness pie and or the crab and guiness bisque.

There are other apres places but these are my two favorites. There is no shortage of other places when you come off the mountain and getting back to your hotel will be easy.

For food there are lots of restaurants to eat at. My favorites are Le Gros which is on the highway back towards vancouver just a little past creekside. You will see the sign on the right hand side up on a rock. The food is excellent.

There is a new place at the Pinnacle hotel right in the village called Alta Bistro. Excellent food and good value. You can walk there. ..but call ahead.

...and the previously mentioned Dublin Gate.

If money is no objec t there are many places: Araxi in the village, Bearfoot Bistro and the Rimrock (i have not eaten here yet but the comments I have heard from everyone are expensive but unreal food).

...and for steak I also like the Hys in whistler. It has been fantastic each time i have been there...make sure you order some cheese toast...

Vancouver has many gems and I will give you a few places that are standouts.

Seafood: the Bluewater Cafe in Yaletown. Had the sablefish there recently, it was amazing.
I would also include Coast on Alberni downtown which has a terrific bar atmosphere as well.

Sushi: Tojos...period. Hes on west broadway just across the bridge. Try the tuna tataki, tojo tuna, smoked sablefish and some of the rolls. Its expensive but the best sushi i have ever had without exception.

Pizza: el Nicli Antica in Gastown. This is the best pizza in Vancouver next to Marcellos on commercial in little Italy.

Hamburger: Refuel on 4th st. Just over from Burrard in Kits. Dry aged shoulder ground to order and cooked to requested. The best in town in my opinion. Lots of other local things on the menu.

Coffee: there are lots of cafes but when it comes to the actual coffee go to Milano. The guy who roasts and blends knows more about coffee than most of the rest in town combined, and has the ability to contruct blends that a handfull of people in the world can do ( no exaggeration) ask for you espresso from the Scharff a machine from Austria. There is one in Gastown around the block from el nicli antica or go to the roaster on west 8th one block north of mounatin equipment co op which is the roasting facility with a view of the mountains and the city. This is one of vancouvers hidden gems....and grab a bag of coffee ground to use on you whistler trip. ( try the Blue Milano or French roast)

Ribs: go to Nicks spaghetti house on commercial. Order the back ribs with pasta and bring your A game. Its a big portion.

Fine dining: the other place I have not been to for a little while, but had the single best dining experience i have ever had is Fraiche in west Van on the mountain. Call ahead and ask for the window view of the city.

Not an exhaustive list, but should provide you with a few choices
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Geat info.... Thanks....  Counting the days..... 


We are foodies for sure - any other suggestions are always appreciated...


What about on mountain spots for a drink ? 

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What are your plans for Seattle?  Are you looking for things to do there as well?

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

What are your plans for Seattle?  Are you looking for things to do there as well?

Yes.. Please.... Thanks...  


We arrive at noon - and will depart the next day around noon.... Then spending 2 nights in Vancouver..... 




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There are lots of options.  Some great things to do are to visit the Public Market at Pike and 1st Ave. (very stereotypical, but fun nevertheless), the waterfront, the Seattle Art Musum (SAM) downtown, or the Seattle Center.  It will be winter, of course, and you may want to be inside because of the weather, so you might try the Museum of Flight at Boing Field which you will pass by on your way from SeaTac Airport to downtown.  This is my favorite place to visit. It's huge, and contains the original Air Force One, a Concorde SST, displays of aircraft from both WWI and WWII, a space capsule, and various other high and low tech stuff.  It takes a long time to view it fully but it's great for even a relatively short visit.


My favorite place for dinner in Seattle is Pasta Freska (, an Italian Restaurant that has no printed menu.  The owner comes to your table and asks what you like, then puts the dinner together for you.  It's a little place with a great vibe and incredible food.  It makes for a memorable evening without astronomic prices (though it's not cheap).


Another idea is to ski.  Ditch town and head for the hills.  You could go to Crystal Mountain for the day, but it sounds like you have arrangements for Vancouver, so you might consider a day at Mt. Baker, which is an hour off of the freeway on your way between cities.  It would make a long day of driving (about 2.5 hrs. from Seattle and about 2 from Vancouver) but would give you some variety and some extra skiing.  If you choose this option, let me know and I'll see if I can show you around.

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There are several places on the mountain to eat and drink all run by the mountain; and with the peak to peak chair you can move between the mountains without having to go to the base.


I would suggest the Crystal hut on Blackcomb (especially if you like waffles)...but go early for lunch. Near the top of Jersey Cream and the Peak to Peak there is a spot (Rendezvous?) which has amazing views.


You can grab a beer at pretty much all locations and views can vary, but are often spectacular all over the mountain on a clear day.



....and I would add Wild Ginger in downtown Seattle. I have not been there for some time, but it was amazing....and the Metropolitan Grill: Lobster mac and cheese: a little slice of heaven. (although locals will of course be better informed).



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I usually stay at the Hilton Whistler about 20 nights per season, and if at all possible, beg for room 630 - no joke, best room in the place with it's own multi-person steam room. If you're a Gold or Diamond member, they throw in breakfast too.


You store your skis at the Summit ski shop just through the hallways, which comes out right at the Whistler Gondola, so put your boots on there, and climb the stairs and you're out. Say hi to my friend Mark Richards, who has some of the coolest photo / painting in the arcade you pass through, and buy one of his works.


For cheap eats there's a Spaghetti Factory next door (out the front door, go right across the alley and you're there). Good places were already covered above.I often flop into the Garabaldi Lift Company bar on the left, beside the Gonjola for a beer after skiing.


Remember that Whistler has some of the worst weather known to modern man, where you can barely make out your outstretched hand so make sure you bring high intensity Yellow (or similar) lenses for your goggles.

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In Whistler at the Hilton, there is the Cinnamon Bear - a great apres spot as is the Dublin Gate and GLC.


For restaurant reviews, try


btw, don't go to Spaghetti Factory unless you have kids - it's a zoo in there!


Have fun!

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