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Roller Blades?

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Anyone know anything about using roller blades as an aid to skiing fitness and for dry land training and have any advice on what blades to buy?


I've been told by a few people that they aid technique but to be honest looking online at what's available I haven't got a clue about what blades to use, I have read that Salomon, K9 and Roller Blade have good shoes but there's such a lot to choose from it's a bit confusing - any recommendations?

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Great cross training!  Get plenty of protective gear.


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I bought a pair of Rollerblade Crossfire 90's for fitness training and I like them. My old skates had hard shells, so the softer boot fell odd at first but was quickly forgotten. They've got a nice pull-and-clamp lacing system which makes for a quick in and out. A racheting buckle on top gives good support and easy tightening. I find that the fit loosens a little once I've put some distance in, and I can reach down and give it a couple of clicks without slowing. 

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I have K2 Moto 80s... they ran me 120 bucks.  If I could do it again, I'd have purchased a "pro" model (with custom-moldable insides) in the 300 buck price range.  Anyway, I bought same size as my street shoes, and am swimming in mine.


Nevertheless, they are great training.  I have to get back on mine before winter hits... I have a new bike and have been addicted to that this summer.

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Thanks for the comments guys, so far a couple of people have said to me that K2 do some good skates.

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Originally Posted by roga View Post

Thanks for the comments guys, so far a couple of people have said to me that K2 do some good skates.

They do tend to have less midfoot volume than Rollerblade ones. 



The two things you want to do here are:  Shop for bootie fit.   Tighter than trainers, not as tight as ski racing boots.   Shop for ready spare parts availability (brakes, axles, frame bolts). 


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